HCA 250 Week 8

HCA 250 Week 8

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HCA 250 Week 8

CheckPoint: Marys Battle

Resource: Appendix F

Due Date: Day 5 [Individual forum]

Read about Marys case in Appendix F.

Select four categories from the following list:

oAge of patient

oPrevious illness adaptation history

oQuality of life during palliative care

oLength/term of illness before death

oPsychological support

oSocial support

oMedical support

oFinancial support

oLiving will/legal needs

oFamily/friends needs

oSpiritual needs

Discuss in 250 to 300 words how the four categories you selected might influence Marys adaptation to her terminal illness. Describe whether those influences will positively or negatively contribute to the success of her adaptation.

Discussion Questions

Put yourself in the shoes of a patient suffering from severe, chronic arthritis. According to the Crisis Theory Model discussed on p. 345 of the text, you would have to endure a series of changes in the way you think about and do everyday things to successfully adjust to your condition. The Patient Adjustment Model below is based on the Crisis Theory Model. Copy and paste the following into your reply, then replace the questions in italics with your answers:

Patient Adjustment Model for Chronic Arthritis: Enter your name here

Cognitive appraisal: How would chronic arthritis change your everyday life? Include one physical environment adaptation or one psychosocial change that you would need to make. Your answer must be 1 to 2 sentences in length.

Adaptive tasks: What would help you to adapt to the changes you listed above? Include at least one medical or one lifestyle adaptive change. Your answer must be 1 to 2 sentences in length.

Coping skills: What factors will help you develop coping skills to successfully adjust to the illness as you described above? Include at least one example. Your answer must be 1 to 2 sentences in length.

My greatest challenge: Reflect upon all of the phases of adjustment you described above that you would have to accomplish to successfully adjust to chronic arthritis. Which would be the most difficult for you to accomplish? Why?

In your opinion, which psychosocial intervention method discussed in the text (pp. 366-70) has the greatest potential for facilitating patients successful adjustment to a chronic illness? Why do you believe that particular method would be more successful than the others presented? What limitations might exist with that method?

HCA 250

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HCA 250 Week 8

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