HCA 250 Week 3 Health Promotion Program

HCA 250 Week 3 Health Promotion Program

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HCA 250 Week 3 Health Promotion Program

Assignment: Health Promotion Program

Design a health promotion program for individuals in the workplace or in school that results in increased physical or psychological well-being.

Define the following characteristics of your target population:

oOccupation and location (or school level)

oAge range (or grade levels)

oEducation range (or grade levels)

oSocioeconomic range

oAny potential language or cultural factors

oOther additional, pertinent factors

Write four one-sentence goals for the program. Each of the four goals must relate to successful program completion and should promote one specific health behavior. The sample goals below describe a work place program designed to help participants achieve and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI):

Four Goals for the Workday Warrior Program:

1.Participants will adopt a regular exercise program.

2.Participants will attend 90% of meetings.

3.Participants will identify three reasons why this health behavior is important to them in the short- and long-term.

4.Participants will work toward attainment and maintenance of a healthy BMI.

Describe ways to get the target group interested in the program. What incentives would you offer to develop positive attitudes and increase motivation? When and how often will incentives be offered? How are the incentives related to program goals?

Develop ways to gauge and maintain long-term success. How will participants measure progress toward modified habits or behavior? How will the program reinforce lasting success after completion? How will the work or school environment be modified to support program goals?

Address individual needs. How might cultural beliefs impact program perceptions? What kind of support will be available to individuals who experience setbacks in goal achievement? How will the program be delivered so there is equal access among your target population (in what way, by whom, located where, in what form of media, etc.)?

Present your ideas in a 1,200- to 1,400-word APA-formatted paper with a minimum of three references other than the text. One reference must be a journal article retrieved from the University Library. Additional references must be reliable sources retrieved from the library, Internet, or elsewhere.

Post your paper as a Microsoft Word attachment.

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HCA 250 Week 3 Health Promotion Program

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