HCA 230 Cultural Views on Health

HCA 230 Cultural Views on Health

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HCA 230 Cultural Views on Health

Cultural Views on Health


The largest subgroup of Asian Americans is Chinese Americans. The United States Census Bureau (2000) reported that 22.6% of all Asian-Americans are of Chinese descent. Another culture's population that is quickly increasing is natives from India. Approximately, 8.7 million Indian natives live in the United States. Both of these cultures are dominant in the United States and share similar health views.

Chinese Americans

Often, Chinese Americans access to health care and other services is denied because of discrimination. Even with Chinese Americans having the highest tuberculosis and suicide rates in the United States, access to health care becomes difficult because of language barriers, cultural conflicts, and attitudes...

HCA 230

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HCA 230 Cultural Views on Health

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Excerpt from file: HCA230CulturalViewsonHealth CulturalViewsonHealth Introduction ThelargestsubgroupofAsianAmericansisChineseAmericans.The UnitedStatesCensusBureau(2000)reportedthat22.6%ofallAsian AmericansareofChinesedescent.Anotherculturespopulationthatis

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