From the e Activity Answers(9 Answers)

From the e Activity Answers(9 Answers)

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From the e-Activity Answers(9 Answers)

the e-Activity, analyze the internal environment of the company you researched to determine that company's strengths and weaknesses.

Here are the five elements of inner controls:

  • Control environment: This term represents the mind-set of the company, management, and team regarding inner manages. Do they take inner manages seriously, or do they neglect them? Your customer's atmosphere is not very good if, during your discussions with management and team, you see a lack of efficient manages or notice that previous audits show many mistakes.

  • Risk assessment: Simply speaking, you should assess whether management has determined its riskiest places and applied manages to prevent or identify mistakes or scams that could result in material...

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From the e Activity Answers(9 Answers)

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Excerpt from file: FromtheeActivityAnswers(9Answers) theeActivity,analyzetheinternalenvironmentofthecompany youresearchedtodeterminethatcompanysstrengthsandweaknesses. Herearethefiveelementsofinnercontrols: Controlenvironment:Thistermrepresentsthemindsetofthe company,management,andteamregardinginnermanages.Dothey

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