Food Borne Illnesses Giardia

Food Borne Illnesses Giardia

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Food Borne Illnesses- Giardia

Food Borne Illnesses: Giardia

SCI 163

Food Borne Illnesses


When generally thinking of parasites and food-borne illnesses, we tend to think about the poorest and dirtiest places on Earth. In reality, parasites can be found almost anywhere on this planet. One type of common food-borne illness is giardiasis or a giardia infection. This infection is in the intestine and caused by microscopic giardia parasites. The given the opportunity this vicious creature will infect anybody regardless of sex, age, living conditions, and body types. Surprisingly this is a zoonotic disease affecting not only humans but also domestic and wild mammals.

There are several ways a person can contract this illness. The most common way to contract the illness is ingesting...

Food Borne

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Food Borne Illnesses  Giardia

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Excerpt from file: FoodBorneIllnessesGiardia FoodBorneIllnesses:Giardia SCI163 FoodBorneIllnesses Giardia When generally thinking of parasites and foodborne illnesses, we tendtothinkaboutthepoorestanddirtiestplacesonEarth.Inreality, parasitescanbefoundalmostanywhereonthisplanet.Onetypeof

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