Bus 475 Week 5 Individual Assignment

Bus 475 Week 5 Individual Assignment

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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation


Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

Every business needs a clearly defined set of values, a mission, and vision to reach goals that have been determined via their strategic plan. When goals, values, missions, and visions area clearly defined in documentation this allows organizations to business, tactical, and corporate strategies as well as goals. The above stated documents contain comprehensive research on the vision and mission statements of Wallflower Athletics and how these documents will set them apart from their competition. The vales set forth for Wallflower Athletics will allow them to carry out strategies, which will increase earnings, and remain competitive at the same time.


The outlined business plan consists of...

Bus 475

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Bus 475 Week 5 Individual Assignment

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Excerpt from file: FINALSTRATEGICPLANANDPRESENTATION 1 FinalStrategicPlanandPresentation BUS475 FinalStrategicPlanandPresentation Everybusinessneedsaclearlydefinedsetofvalues,amission,andvisiontoreachgoals thathavebeendeterminedviatheirstrategicplan.Whengoals,values,missions,andvisionsarea

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