POLS 2312 Q5

POLS 2312 Q5

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Question 1 Texas state government imposes a tax on alcohol or motor fuels.

Question 2 A state government with low levels of budget- ___________ may experience problems if its current sources encounter difficulty in providing adequate revenues.

Question 3 Over the past twenty years, the proportion (percentage of total budget) of revenues generated by the severance tax:

Question 4 Regarding the use of the death penalty, most Texans:

Question 5 The 2008-2009 Texas budget is approximately:

Question 6 Because of Supreme Court decisions, most large cities in Texas now use which of the following electoral systems to elect most city council members?

Question 7 Added together, education and health and human services make up what proportion of the Texas budget?

Question 8 According to your text, per capita government expenditures (amount spent per person) in Texas is:

Question 9 The _______________ is the governing body in all Texas counties, and in semi-independent county agencies. This body shares the decentralized nature of the executive at the state level.

Question 10 From 1781 until 1787, the United States was governed by:

Question 11 The tax that businesses pay for the right to do business in the state of Texas is called:

Question 12 Which of the following was NOT one of the possible motivations noted in your lecture notes for creating the government as the founders did?

Question 13 ____________ is the landmark Supreme Court decision concerning abortion that sparks conflict to this day.

Question 14 While government control in Texas has become increasingly Republican in recent years, one might expect that trend to change if:

Question 15 State governments often seek to employ a system of tax _____________, or fairness.

Question 16 In Texas, the most prominent (most noticeable) special districts are:

Question 17 State and local interaction where all three levels are involved, but the amount of involvement from the state, local and national government varies across issue areas is:

Question 18 The particular types of taxes collected in Texas reflects:

Question 19 The most common form of city government in general law cities in Texas is:

Question 20 The 1954 Brown v. Board decision ruled that segregated public schools violated the _____________ clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Question 21 When a company must pay the state a fee for taking minerals or oil out of the earth, it is:

Question 22 ___________________ regards priorities and programs that provide services and benefits to the public.

Question 23 According to your textbook, most state programs in Texas are funded from:

Question 24 According to your textbook and notes, more than half of the exports in Texas go to:

Question 25 Those who argue that states have independent power cite the reserved powers, most expressed in:

Question 26 TANF is a public policy. The acronym represents:

Question 27 In which of the following areas do cities (municipalities) generally have more autonomy (independence) than counties?

Question 28 Local elections in which all candidates run for multiple seats (positions) citywide are called:

Question 29 When a person who is wealthy pays a larger proportion of their income in a tax than a person who is poor, that tax is considered:

Question 30 For every dollar that Texas sends to Washington, they:

Question 31 ___________________ taxes are levied on natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, and sulfur, that are severed (removed) from the earth.

Question 32 Whenever the government attempts to improve the quality of life for the poor, it is producing ______________ public policy.

Question 33 Texas gets the largest proportion of its state-generated revenues from:

Question 34 Increased population will bring challenges in terms of:

Question 35 A ____________________ system is one in which employment aspects of recruitment, evaluation, promotion and termination are based on qualifications of the employee.

Question 36 According to your lecture notes, horizontal federalism leads to:

Question 37 Which of the following presides over the county commissioner's court?

Question 38 A ____________________ refers to an action of one government or branch of government that requires another government to act in a certain way.

Question 39 The practice of the national government giving state and local governments money if they provide the same amount of money is:

Question 40 Which of the types of constitutional powers indicates that the power belongs to the national government rather than the state?

POLS 2312

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 POLS 2312 Q5

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Excerpt from file: History Tutorial Question 1 Texas state government imposes a tax on alcohol or motor fuels. Correct Answer: false Question 2 A state government with low levels of budget- ___________ may experience problems if its current sources encounter difficulty in providing adequate revenues. Correct Answer:

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