POLS 2312 Q4

POLS 2312 Q4

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Question 1 Texas and Oklahoma are the only states to have split their highest appellate jurisdiction between two courts: A Supreme Court that hears only civil cases and a ___________ for criminal cases.

Question 2 Who makes policy (laws) other than the legislature, according to your text?

Question 3 Which of the following is one of the formal (constitutional and statutory) roles of the governor as discussed in your text?

Question 4 Which of the following offices no longer exists (abolished in the 1990s) in Texas?

Question 5 An information/symbolic role of the governor is:

Question 6 A Governor of Texas can be removed (impeached) from office for the following:

Question 7 Candidates for Governor in Texas tend to be:

Question 8 Which type of case is most common in Texas?

Question 9 In what ways can a lobbyist influence court decisions in Texas?

Question 10 Presiding officials of Justice of the Peace courts in Texas:

Question 11 Which executive office in Texas presently functions primarily like the Environmental Protection Agency?

Question 12 Which person in the "plural executive" is responsible for predicting state revenues and expenditures?

Question 13 Relative to the legislative leaders (Speaker and Lt. Governor), the governor is:

Question 14 The first female Governor of Texas was:

Question 15 The "myth" of the judiciary is one of _____________ judges.

Question 16 What proportion of a jury must vote to conflict for a person to be found guilty of a crime in a petit (trial) jury?

Question 17 The governor of Texas may find it difficult to fulfill campaign promises because:

Question 18 Which of the following is considered more serious?

Question 19 The formal "legislative powers" of the governor include:

Question 20 If a governor is removed from office by impeachment or is in someway unable to continue performing his/her duties the _______________ steps in and assumes the post for the remainder of the governor's term.

Question 21 In what ways does Texas try to limit the political power of the bureaucracy?

Question 22 Once the governor has made an appointment to a board or commission:

Question 23 The veto is one of the few formal powers that the governor has in dealing with the legislature. Since World War II the veto:

Question 24 Which of the following courts is most likely to try a case involving a routine traffic violation within the city limits of Dallas?

Question 25 According to formal qualifications, the governor of Texas must:

Question 26 In which of the following ways is the governor of Texas likely to gain the most power or influence?

Question 27 When it comes to the death penalty, the governor of Texas:

Question 28 The line item veto allows the governor to:

Question 29 Which of the following is the least likely action to be taken by a committee in the Texas Legislature?

Question 30 Which of the following steps is NOT necessary for a bill to become law?

Question 31 A ________________ consists of twelve or more citizens convened at the county seat to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to justify an indictment of people accused of crimes.

Question 32 A civil case involving $1,500 may be heard by:

Question 33 Laws written by legislators are referred to as:

Question 34 What official has the power to sue the governor on behalf of the state?

Question 35 In addition to the agenda items presented by the governor, a legislative special session may deal with:

Question 36 When county courts do exercise judicial functions, they have both original and _______________ jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases.

Question 37 As Commander in Chief, the Governor oversees the:

Question 38 The governor of Texas must:

Question 39 An executive with numerous elected officials makes the governor's power over the branch somewhat _______________.

Question 40 A petit jury in a criminal case is trying to determine:

POLS 2312

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 POLS 2312 Q4

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Excerpt from file: History Tutorial Question 1 Texas and Oklahoma are the only states to have split their highest appellate jurisdiction between two courts: A Supreme Court that hears only civil cases and a ___________ for criminal cases. Correct Answer: Court of Criminal Appeals Question 2 Who makes policy (laws)

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