POLS 2312 Q1

POLS 2312 Q1

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Question 1 ________________ characterizes the type of political system we have in the United States.

Question 2 A political culture which views government as a marketplace is:

Question 3 According to your text, during the 1920's, Texas was:

Question 4 According to the lectures, which region of Texas includes fife the poorest counties in America?

Question 5 The most decisive battle for Texas independence (from Mexico in 1836) took place at:

Question 6 Politically, Texas was dominated by __________ until the 1960's and 1970's?

Question 7 The traditionalistic political culture is evident in Texas in:

Question 8 Governor Ross Sterling was:

Question 9 Which Texas Constitution is associated with the concept of "Manifest Destiny?"

Question 10 Governor E.J. Davis:

Question 11 Which of the following regions of Texas is highly populated, tends to vote Republican and is dominated by oil and natural gas industries?

Question 12 The relationship between the government and the governed in Texas is defined primarily by:

Question 13 Which of the following will be more likely to support higher welfare spending?

Question 14 If I am the chief executive officer of IBM or Xerox, in which region of Texas am I most likely to put my hi-tech plant?

Question 15 If demographic trends continue, which group will be the largest in 2026 in Texas?

Question 16 Many people consider the current Texas constitution ineffective because:

Question 17 The current Texas Constitution, ratified in ________ represents the sixth constitution for the state.

Question 18 Speculation over the success of America's form of government points to one of the reasons being ________________, a structural division of powers into legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

Question 19 In order for the voters of Texas to vote on an amendment to the Texas Constitution, that amendment must first be:

Question 20 The term "Manifest Destiny" refers to the belief that:

Question 21 According to your text, the judicial branch (as established by the constitution) has three distinct features, including:

Question 22 Which of the following is true regarding the current (ratified in 1876) Texas Constitution?

Question 23 According to the data presented in "How Does Texas Compare", how competitive are the two political parties in Texas compared to other states?

Question 24 Texas entered the Union as a slave holding state. On what side did Texas fight in the Civil War?

Question 25 A political culture in which society is viewed as a "Commonwealth" is:

Question 26 Jacksonian Democracy was introduced to Texas politics during which historical period?

Question 27 What happened at "Spindletop" in 1901 to change the force of Texas economics and politics?

Question 28 Along with its reputation for being business friendly, Texas has often been known as a state with an "unusually stingy attitude" toward:

Question 29 Since 1876:

Question 30 Which of the following is NOT considered part of the "Texas mystique" or myths?

Question 31 A driving force behind the Constitution of 1845 was a desire to:

Question 32 According to your text, Texans tend to be pseudo laissez faire, meaning they are likely to oppose:

Question 33 The belief that individuals who prosper and rise to the top of the socioeconomic ladder are worthy and deserve their riches, while those who sink to the bottom (or, having been born there, stay there) are unworthy and deserve their poverty is:

Question 34 During the American Civil War, most Texans:

Question 35 Much wealth and development arrived on Texas's doorstep with its discovery of large reserves of what natural resource in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century (about 1900)?

Question 36 In its rebuilding efforts following the Civil War Texas was able to recover faster than other confederate states largely based on its:

Question 37 A leading employer in Central Texas is:

Question 38 Unemployment is traditionally lowest in which of the following regions of Texas?

Question 39 While Texas has always considered its government to be "laissez faire," (hands off,) it has really been pseudo (false) laissez faire because:

Question 40 In terms of changing the state constitution, Texas voters can:

POLS 2312

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 POLS 2312 Q1

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