CJA 354 Criminal Law Graham v Connor

CJA 354 Criminal Law Graham v Connor

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CJA 354 Criminal Law Graham v Connor

Criminal Law Graham v. Connor

Working for a law enforcement agency one must be able to make split second decisions regarding the use of force. Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 (1989) established the standard of "objective reasonableness" for law enforcement (Graham v. Connor, 1989). This case was heard by the Supreme Court after a diabetic man (Graham) was forcibly detained by law enforcement after he was suspected of a crime.

The petitioner of this chase who is diabetic had asked his friend identified only as Berry to drive him to a convenience store to reverse the effects of an insulin reaction. When Graham entered the convenience store he noticed there was a long line for the register and quickly returned to the car driven by Berry. Graham got into...

CJA 354

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CJA 354 Criminal Law Graham v Connor

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Excerpt from file: CJA354CriminalLawGrahamvConnor CriminalLawGrahamv.Connor Workingforalawenforcementagencyonemustbeabletomakesplit seconddecisionsregarding theuseofforce.Grahamv.Connor,490 U.S.386(1989)establishedthestandardofobjectivereasonableness forlawenforcement(Grahamv.Connor,1989).Thiscasewasheardby

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