Capital Structure Health Care

Capital Structure Health Care

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Capital Structure Health Care

Financing and Structuring Health Care

Strayer University


The three main types of health insurance in the United States are the commercial health Insurance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). The commercial Health Insurance is typically offered by agents or brokers. These insurance carriers' objective is to make a profit. The commercial health companies are owned by their policyholders or stockholders. Commercial Health insurance is classified by their renewal provision and the benefits it offers to the insured. The coverage includes medical expenses and disability income, which could be long or short term needs. The category of commercial health Insurance companies offer insurance on other property such as home,...

Capital Structure

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Capital Structure Health Care

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Excerpt from file: CapitalStructureHealthCare FinancingandStructuringHealthCare StrayerUniversity HSA ThethreemaintypesofhealthinsuranceintheUnitedStatesarethe commercialhealthInsurance,BlueCrossandBlueShield,andHealth MaintenanceOrganization(HMO).ThecommercialHealthInsuranceis typically offered by agents or

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