Business Law Grocery Inc

Business Law Grocery Inc

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Business Law

Running header: GROCERY, INC.

Grocery, Inc.

Masterpiece Builders

"Grocery contracted with Masterpiece Construction to renovate the store on Main Street in My Town" (Cooper, 2009). Masterpiece Construction increased its workload during the period covering the promised renovations for Grocery, Inc., causing Masterpiece Construction to subcontract the work for the renovation to Build Them to Fall. Once Grocery, Inc. realized the poor quality of work, the company petitioned for an injunction and filed a suit for breach of contract against Masterpiece Construction.

Grocery's request for specific performance is burdensome because Masterpiece Construction does not have enough labor to complete the contract for Grocery, Inc., thus creating a hardship for Masterpiece...

Business Law

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Business Law  Grocery Inc

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Excerpt from file: BusinessLaw Runningheader:GROCERY,INC. Grocery,Inc. September5,2009 MasterpieceBuilders GrocerycontractedwithMasterpieceConstructiontorenovatethestore onMainStreetinMyTown(Cooper,2009).MasterpieceConstruction increased its workload during the period covering the promised renovations for

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