BUS 303 Hospitality IT matrix.

BUS 303 Hospitality IT matrix.

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Hospitality Information Systems and Users

Businesses in today's market depend heavily on information technology to support all of its functions. No longer do managers spend countless hours manually inputting numbers for financial or marketing purposes. The introduction of software applications has relieved much of the stress for managers and has made operating an organization more efficiently. The computer application Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program, is an example. Businesses today have implemented Excel into their systems. Excel is used by the four business functions that include: operations, marketing, accounting, and human resources.

Excel spreadsheets contain data lookup techniques that link sales, purchase, and inventory data (Zhu & Yang, 2010). The supply chain of a business...

BUS 303

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BUS 303 Hospitality IT matrix.

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Excerpt from file: HospitalityInformationSystemsandUsers Businessesintodaysmarketdependheavilyoninformationtechnologytosupportallofits functions.Nolongerdomanagersspendcountlesshoursmanuallyinputtingnumbersfor financialormarketingpurposes.Theintroductionofsoftwareapplicationshasrelievedmuch

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