BUS 250 The Battle at Disney

BUS 250 The Battle at Disney

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The Battle at Disney

BUS 250

Mickey 2

SunCal and Disney are the market stakeholders in this issue. SunCal wants to build affordable places (homes) for the employees in which they could live in. Hence, saving the employees money, which some of the Disney employees did not make very much. For example; "Custodians make 23, a year and Attendants make only 14, a year." But, the cost of a "one bedroom apartment was 1, a month." So, it would benefit the employees to have SunCal build affordable places to live.

But, on the other hand Disney makes their stand too. By building on property that was deemed to be set aside for later projects, it would not be a good move for Disney to turn loose of the land. Also, it would reduce the value of the property in the...

BUS 250

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BUS 250 The Battle at Disney

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Excerpt from file: Disney Mickey TheBattleatDisney BUS250 Mickey2 SunCalandDisneyarethemarketstakeholdersinthisissue.SunCal wantstobuildaffordableplaces(homes)fortheemployeesinwhichthey couldlivein.Hence,savingtheemployeesmoney,whichsomeofthe Disneyemployeesdidnotmakeverymuch.Forexample;Custodians

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