XBIS 219 Week 2 Checkpoint Amazon Evolution

XBIS 219 Week 2 Checkpoint Amazon Evolution

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Assignment: Amazon Evolution

Purpose This assignment is intended to help students gain a better understanding of the importance of information systems to business by looking at an industry leader, Amazon.com. Students will examine Amazons core strategy and the use of its vast customer database as the company evolves from bookseller to service provider.

Resources Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business.

Read the Case Study, Amazon: From Book Seller to Service Provider, at the end of Ch. 1 in the text (p. 26).

Write a 350- to 700-word paper, describing Amazons strategy. Discuss whether the company is moving away from its core competency of being a leading online retailer. Discuss whether this is a wise strategy and address the following: Describe the components of the Amazon database and how Amazon uses each component. What data management issues may be encountered by Amazon? Describe the relationship among data, information, and knowledge, and how Amazon addresses each.

XBIS 219

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 XBIS 219 Week 2 Checkpoint Amazon Evolution

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Excerpt from file: Business Tutorial Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995, is the largest online retailer with annual sales exceeding 10 billion. Bezos developed the company through the idea of selling books through a website as it provides more convenience and more options for customers. With Amazon, customers have

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