Baderman Island Technology Analysis

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Baderman Island Technology Analysis

Baderman Island Resort is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort and spa. Set exclusively in Baderman Island, the resort offers an array of restaurants, three hotels, a golf course, pristine white sand beaches, botanical gardens, and a state of the art convention center. With future expansions to include 18 additional holes to its golf course, an additional 150 acre buffer to its botanical gardens, an additional 25 acres to accommodate additional facilities for its spa, an additional 50 acres to its recreational acre, an additional 300 acres to include the finishing of the Melancon Hotel and Convention Center, the doubling of the Tenney suites, and the final touches on the Main Hotel, and an additional 100 acres of private, Baderman Island Resort...

Baderman Island

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Baderman Island Technology Analysis

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Excerpt from file: BadermanIslandTechnologyAnalysis BadermanIslandResortisaselfcontained,allinclusiveresortandspa.Set exclusivelyinBadermanIsland,theresortoffersanarrayofrestaurants,three hotels,agolfcourse,pristinewhitesandbeaches,botanicalgardens,andastateof

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