Assignment 3 Political Personalities

Assignment 3 Political Personalities

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Assignment 3 Political Personalities

Choose a social or political leader (current or past) to examine through an Adlerian framework of superiority striving and style of life.

During WWII, Adlolph Hilter was the most destrutive politician and as a German Natzi dictator he was responsible for the estimated deaths of over 11 million people. After fighting in and losing The Great War, Hitler joined the German labor party which began his political career. Giving speeches that fueled anger over Germany's defeat at war by implicating Jews in a conspiracy against the German government.

As a child Hitler grew up in Germany with a loving mother and an authoritive and strict father. It is said that his father was never approving of Hitlers ideas and desires and that they had many...

Assignment 3

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Assignment 3 Political Personalities

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Excerpt from file: Assignment3PoliticalPersonalities Chooseasocialorpoliticalleader(currentorpast)toexamine throughanAdlerianframeworkofsuperioritystrivingandstyleof life. DuringWWII,AdlolphHilterwasthemostdestrutivepoliticianand asaGermanNatzidictatorhewasresponsiblefortheestimated

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