Great Pyramid Geometry

Great Pyramid Geometry

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The Great Pyramid outside Cairo, Egypt has a square base measuring 756 feet on a side and a height of 480 feet. A] What is the volume of the great pyramid in cubic yards? B] The stones used to build the Great Pyramid were limestone blocks with an average volume of 1.5 cubic yards. How many of these blocks were needed to construct the Great Pyramid?

Great Pyramid

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The volume of a square pyramid is given by the formula,

$$V=\frac{l^2 h}{3} $$

consider there are 3 ft in 1 yd so $l=756/3=252$ yds and $h=480/3=160$ yds. Plugging these values into the formula above will give your answer in cubic yds.

To find the amount of bricks used to build the pyramid simply divide the total volume found in part (a) by the volume of 1 block.

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Great Pyramid Geometry

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