Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis

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Applied Behaviour Analysis

To investigate and reflect on the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with students who have Autism.


The aim of my project was to gain knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis and its effectiveness in working with children with Autism.

My focus questions ask

  • What are the key principles underlying Applied Behaviour Analysis and how and why it benefits children who are autistic?

  • What is involved in setting up an Applied Behaviour Analysis program in the classroom environment?

Both focus questions have helped me to investigate ABA, implement strategies that ABA employ and reflect on the program as a whole.

I became part of a withdrawal program established for the purpose of intensive early intervention based on the principles of ABA. Harris, (2002 p19)...

Applied Behaviour

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Applied Behaviour Analysis

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Excerpt from file: AppliedBehaviourAnalysis ToinvestigateandreflectontheuseofAppliedBehaviorAnalysis(ABA) withstudentswhohaveAutism. Aims The aim of my project was to gain knowledge of Applied Behaviour AnalysisanditseffectivenessinworkingwithchildrenwithAutism. Myfocusquestionsask

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