Acc 561 Week 2 Paper Four Types of Business

Acc 561 Week 2 Paper Four Types of Business

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Running Head Four Types of Business

University of Phoenix



An Entrepreneur is a person who forms and operates a business. Entrepreneurs form and start companies by themselves, or with partners. Most of the time companies which are started by entrepreneurs are relatively small in size, but some grow into huge corporations, such as Microsoft which is owned by Bill Gates. Entrepreneurs have four different options when starting a business, which include a sole proprietorship, Partnership, limited liability company, and also a corporation. Each form has its advantages and also disadvantages depending on what the type of business is, and also what service it provides.

Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorships are the simplest form of a business and the most common...

Acc 561

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Acc 561 Week 2 Paper Four Types of Business

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Excerpt from file: RunningHeadFourTypesofBusiness UniversityofPhoenix ACC/561 Introduction AnEntrepreneurisapersonwhoformsandoperatesabusiness.Entrepreneurs formandstartcompaniesbythemselves,orwithpartners.Mostofthetime companieswhicharestartedbyentrepreneursarerelativelysmallinsize,butsome

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