SCIN 132 Week 2 Crossword puzzle

SCIN 132 Week 2 Crossword puzzle

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Week 2 Worksheet Chapters 3, 4, and 5 ACROSS

1 The movement of a substance from one place to another due to the substance's kinetic energy. 3 The smallest living structural and functional unit that is enclosed by a membrane. 6 The point at which a substance becomes evenly distributed throughout the solution and the concentration gradient disappears. 7 One cell or a group of highly specialized epithelial cells that secrete substances into ducts, onto a surface, or into the blood. 8 The site of most ATP production; also called the "power-houses" of a cell. 14 Type of tissue that covers body surfaces; lines body cavities, hollow organs, and ducts; and forms glands. 16 Type of connective tissue that can be classified as either compact or spongy, depending on how the matrix and cells are organized. 17 One of the five major functions of the skin; the others include body temperature regulation, cutaneous sensations, excretion and absorption, and synthesis of vitamin D. 18 Type of tissue that protects and supports the body and its organs, binds organs together, stores energy reserves as fat, and provides immunity. 19 A tough, fibrous protein found in the epidermis that helps protect the skin and underlying tissues from heat, microbes, and chemicals. 20 Type of tissue that generates the force needed to make body structures move. Can be classified as either skeletal, cardiac, or smooth. 21 Property of a membrane that allows some substances to move into and out of the cell but restricts the passage of other substances (two words). 22 The difference in concentration between two different areas (two words). 24 The superficial, thinner portion of the skin, which is composed of epithelial tissue.


2 Immature, undifferentiated cells that divide to replace lost or damaged cells (two words). 3 The process whereby cells reproduce themselves after becoming damaged, diseased, or worn out (two words). 4 The net movement of water through a selectively permeable membrane. 5 A transporter protein that carries a substance across a cellular membrane against its concentration gradient. 9 A loose connective tissue in which the cells are specialized for storage of triglycerides. 10 Cell processes that are tapering, highly branched, and usually short that function to receive input from sensory receptors or from other neurons. 11 Type of gland that secretes an oily substance that keeps hair from drying out, prevents excessive evaporation of water from the skin, keeps the skin soft, and inhibits the growth of certain bacteria. 12 Type of connective tissue that has a liquid matrix. 13 Type of tissue that detects changes inside and outside the body and initiates and transmits nerve impulses that coordinate body activities to help maintain homeostasis. 15 The deepest layer of the epidermis that is composed of a single row of cuboidal or columnar keratinocytes. Some cells in this layer are stem cells that undergo cell division to continually produce new keratinocytes (two words). 23 Type of blood cell that is responsible for transporting oxygen to body cells and removing carbon dioxide from them.

SCIN 132

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 SCIN 132 Week 2 Crossword puzzle

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