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What are some tips for writing a good resume?


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Resumes are one of the most important components of successfully applying for a job.  Selecting the format of your resume is especially important as different formats can help you achieve different impressions.  This article will cover three types of resume formats: the functional, chronological, and combinational formats.

Functional Resume

In a functional type of resume, the emphasis is your skills, knowledge, experience, accomplishments, and other examples of why you'd be a good candidate of the position.  The benefits of using this format is that it allows the employer to first see your accomplishments.  In addition, you're able to list the attributes which you want emphasized first.  This type of resume allows you to easily cater it to the type of job you're applying to.

One disadvantage of this type of resume is sometimes employer's are more interested in past job experience. Functional resumes have employment history is listed last and therefore, this may hurt your chance as a candidate.  In some cases, employers may believe that items listed last are purposely done so to be hidden.

Chronological Resume

This type of resume allows you to put emphasis on past work experience by using linear progression.  Work experience is listed in chronological order to display this progression to potential employers.  This type of resume is a traditional resume and many recruitment officers are accustomed to it.

A disadvantage to this resume is that it may point out questionable career changes or lapse in employment.  If a candidate as a weak employment history, he or she is putting emphasis on it and placing more important components of their resume last.

Combination resume

The last type of resume is a combination of both the chronological and functional resumes.  This resume is useful because it allows the candidate to place emphasis where he or she chooses to in a combined way.  They may begin their resume with work experience and then list accomplishments and skills gained under each employment listing.  Candidates may also begin with their skills and accomplishments and then incorporate employment history as they go.  A disadvantage to this type of resume is that employers may not recognize it as a traditional format.

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