Acc 406 Exam with Answers

Acc 406 Exam with Answers

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ACC 2301


Question 1 (12 marks)

Templar Company, a manufacturing firm, has supplied the following information from its accounting records for the month of November:

Factory supplies used 18,000

Depreciation on factory building 17,000

Salary of company controller 6,000

Factory janitorial costs 5,000

Marketing and promotion 4,500

Direct labor cost 22,000

Purchases of raw materials 10,000

Finished Goods Inventory, Nov. 1 2,250

Finished Goods Inventory, Nov. 30 3,750

Work in Process Inventory, Nov. 1 4,200

Work in Process Inventory, Nov. 30 2,750

Materials Inventory, Nov. 1 3,500

Materials Inventory, Nov. 30 5,100

Required: Prepare a Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured for November...

Acc 406

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Acc 406 Exam with Answers

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Excerpt from file: ACC2301 INTRODUCTORYMANAGEMENTACCOUNTING Question1(12marks) TemplarCompany,amanufacturingfirm,hassuppliedthefollowinginformationfrom itsaccountingrecordsforthemonthofNovember: Factorysuppliesused18,000 Depreciationonfactorybuilding17,000 Salaryofcompanycontroller6,000 Factoryjanitorialcosts5,000

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