Question 1 A person's ________ is her or his erotic, romantic, a

Question 1 A person's ________ is her or his erotic, romantic, a

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Question 1 A person's ________ is her or his erotic, romantic, and affectional attraction to the same gender, to the opposite gender, or both. sexual identity sexual preference sexual orientation sexual habit sexuality continuum Question 2 In the past, the term ________ described ________, with the latter term now considered to be accurate. sexual preference, sexual orientation sexual preference, homophobia sexual orientation, heterosexuality sexual orientation, homosexuality homosexuality, sexual orientation Question 3 A ________ person is one whose primary erotic, romantic, and affectional attraction is toward both genders. transgendered transsexual bisexual heterosexual homosexual Question 4 A _________ person is one whose primary erotic, romantic, and affectional attraction is toward members of the opposite gender. bisexual transsexual homosexual heterosexual transgendered Question 5 The term ________ can refer to male or female homosexuals, but ________ refers to only female homosexuals. gay, lesbian lesbian, gay bisexual, lesbian bisexual, gay transsexual, gay Question 6 ________ refers to homosexual behavior limited to circumstances in which members of the same gender are deprived of contact with the opposite gender. Situational gayness Situational homosexuality Situational lesbianism Intermittent homosexuality Latent homosexuality Question 7 Sexual ________ and sexual ________ are two distinct measures; one is not necessarily consistently predictive of the other. orientation, behavior orientation, identity behavior, identity behavior, preference behavior, fantasy Question 8 The ________ of the cause of homosexuality states that genes cause a person to be sexually attracted to members of the same sex. hormonal theory genetic theory psychoanalytic theory learned behavior theory integrated theory Question 9 The ________ theory of homosexuality is based on the idea that levels of certain ________ differ from heterosexuals either _______ or ________ birth. genetic, genes, prenatally, after hormonal, hormones, prenatally, after genetic, hormones, during, after psychoanalytic, neurotransmitters, during, after hormonal, hormones, during, after Question 10 Parents need to start helping their children grow up into sexually healthy adults ___________ from the very first months after birth. as soon as they reach the age of three. at the age they begin going to school. when they reach puberty. as soon as they are responsible. Question 11 Babies that do not receive attention, especially touch, can grow up and experience problems with _______ and ________. touch, feelings shyness, withdrawal feelings trust, intimate relationships intimate relationships, sexual relationships none of the above Question 12 Parents who take an active role in educating their children on body parts early on are ___________. neglecting to understand the concept of developmental readiness. sending the wrong message to their children wasting their time because the kids will eventually learn street names sending a strong message about their willingness to address sexual issues probably working too hard too early Question 13 When parents use euphemisms to name genitals, they give their child the message that these parts of the body are ________. something to be proud of funny and should be joked about insignificant more important than they actually are shameful or different Question 14 Both boys and girls learn that _________ is acceptable behavior for ________ but not for ________. sensitivity, boys, girls aggression, girls, boys crying, boys, girls aggression, boys, girls none of the above Question 15 A sexually healthy adult is able to make ________ about his or her sexuality difficult decisions easy decisions controversial decisions decisions consistent with his or her values decisions based on his or her immediate gratification Question 16 The average age of puberty for girls is ________ years. 8-9 10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14 Question 17 The average age of puberty for boys is ______ years 8-9 10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14 Question 18 Which age below is closest to the current average age of menstruation for girls in the United States? 8 9 10 16 12 Question 19 "Sexual health" is an umbrella phrase that encompasses sexual health and reproductive health, as well as the ability to interact with all genders in respectful and appropriate ways the ability to exhibit skills that enhance personal relationships the ability to seek new information to enhance one's sexual health the ability to use contraception effectively to avoid unintended pregnancy. all of the above Question 20 Romantic or passionate love is characterized by feelings of jealousy almost total absorption in another person the partners keeping the love at a game level physiological reactions such as sweating and crying all of the above Question 21 The romantic characteristic of intimacy is ________ sharing a very small space with someone sharing thoughts and feelings with someone who is considered very special. having sex with another pressing on in a relationship even during difficult times buying something expensive for someone Question 22 The romantic characteristic of commitment is _________. the desire to do things for another person without expecting anything in return. sharing thoughts and feelings with someone who is considered very special. promising to spend regular intervals of time with with a romantic partner. pressing on in a relationship even during difficult times. agreeing to get married. Question 23 Dealing with jealousy in a relationship includes all the following EXCEPT ________. removing evidences of contact with people that the jealous partner would find objectionable. avoiding doing something that might contribute to a partner's jealous feelings. using good communication skills to talk about jealousy within the relationship. recognizing jealous feelings and dealing with them as part of the overall relationship. understanding why the jealous feelings occur Question 24 Most North Americans marry someone who shares the same race and/or ethnicity religion age social class all of the above Question 25 When selecting a mate, most males place an emphasis on ________ and _______. attractiveness, maturity creativity, youthfulness attractiveness, youthfulness attractiveness, creativity creativity, maturity Question 26 When selecting a mate, women prefer males who are ________, ________, and ________. industrious, somewhat younger, financially secure creative, somewhat younger, financially secure attractive, somewhat older, physically fit industrious, somewhat older, financially secure This is a correct answer attractive, somewhat younger, physically fit Question 27 In 2007, nearly ________ percent of all births were to unmarried women, up from ________ percent in 1970. 10, 1 40, 11 80, 65 22, 18 none of the above Question 28 ________ is the situation in which unmarried people live together and share a sexual relationship. cohabitation habitation shared living room-mating none of the above Question 29 Which of the following is the most common STD in the United States? HIV syphilis gonorrhea chlamyadia genital herpes Question 30 Chlamydia is known as the "________" STI silent virulent average best woman's Question 31 Untreated chlamydia can lead to ________ in women and to ________ in men and possibly ___________ in both men and women. pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), epididymitis, loss of appetite PID, epididymitis, sterility endometriosis, epididymitis, sterility endometriosis, herpes, sterility gonorrhea, epididymitis, loss of appetite Question 32 ________ is a sexually transmitted disease that commonly starts with inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the anogenital tract or throat. syphilis chlamydia gonorrhea candidadiasis genital herpes Question 33 ________ are ________ likely than (as) ________ to show symptoms of gonorrhea men, less, women men, more, women women, more, men women, equally, men babies, more, women Question 34 Which of the following is a common complication from gonorrhea in women? abdominal pain cramps pelvic inflamatory disease gonococcal arthritis gonococcal dermatitus Question 35 ________ is an infection of the reproductive organs, particularly the uterus and fallopian tubes, and the pelvic cavity. chlamydia gonorrhea herpes endometriosis pelvic inflamatory disease Question 36 Current options for the treatment of gonorrhea include either ________ or ________ administrations. oral, IV topical, IV oral, intramuscular injection topical, intramuscular injection oral, topical Question 37 ________ and ________ are STDs characterized by inflammation of the urethra and cervix, respectively. Endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease Nongonococcal urethritis, nongonococcal cervicitis Gonorrhea, endometriosis Nonspecific urethritis, gonorrhea Pelvic inflammatory disease, nongonococcal urethritis Question 38 Syphilis is a significant problem in the ________ community. Latin American Asian American African American Eupropean American Australian Question 39 Congenital syphilis is acquired _______. through anal sex prenatally or at birth through skin cells from the father through vaginal sex Question 40 Syphilis has _______ stage(s) of development 1 2 3 This is a correct answer 4 5 Question 41 The _______ stage of syphilis is usually marked by a lesion called a ________. primary, chancre fourth, sore secondary, sore first, boil latent, chancre Question 42 Secondary syphilis is characterized by a ________ appearing on the body. boil chancre rash freckle burn mark Question 43 The usual treatment for genital warts, ________, involves ________ the warts with ________. chemotherapy, treating, chemicals radiation, burning, x-rays cryotherapy, freezing, nitrogen surgery, removing, lasers medication, covering, patches Question 44 ________ is a chronic disorder involving sexual performance Sexual malfunction Sexual disability Sexual dissatisfaction Sexual dysfunction Sexual delusion Question 45 Which of the following is NOT a possible explanation for the increased number of people seeking treatment for sexual dysfunction? The increasing amount of information on sexual dysfunction has made it less embarrassing to admit having the problem. More effective sex therapy is now available, and people are willing to take advantage of it. Because the physiology of sexual response is now better understood, more nonorgasmic women realize that sexual dysfunction can be treated effectively More men are suffering from erectile disorder because of the rising incidence of prostate cancer. More men may find themselves overanxious about meeting their partners' expectations. Question 46 It has been estimated that ________ percent of all married couples have experienced sexual difficulties. 5 25 50 75 100 Question 47 ________ is the inability to maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. erectamus dysfunction erectus dysfunction erectile dysfunction erector dysfunction erectale dysfunction Question 48 ________ is the inability of a man to control ejaculation for a sufficient length of time during coitus. Immature ejaculation Premature ejaculation Premature dyscunction Erectile ejaculation Immediate ejaculation Question 49 _________ is a self-help technique that men can use to overcome rapid ejaculation. using an ice pack on the penis and testicles using a condom using a cream on the glans penis to decrease sensitivity a and c b and c Question 50 ________ is a condition in which penile erection occurs during sexual intercourse, but ejaculation does not. Retarded ejaculation Ejaculatory ejaculation Premature ejaculation Mature ejaculation Retarded penile function Question 51 ________ is a condition in which during ejaculation only a seepage of semen occurs and orgasm is void of its pleasurable sensations. Partial ejaculatory impotence Retarded ejaculatory competence Secondary ejaculatory incompetence Partial ejaculatory incompetence Partial ejaculatory potency Question 52 For both men and women, ________ is pain during intercourse. vaginismus ejaculatis dyspareunia immaturity dyslexia Question 53 Which of the following is a manifestation of female sexual unresponsiveness? lack of vaginal lubrication embarassment about one's own body embarassment of one's partner's body a and b a and c Question 54 ________ applies to women who have never had an orgasm. Primary orgasmic dysfunction Secondary orgasmic dysfunction Orgasmic dysfunction disorders Primary orgasm disorder Orgasm disorder syndrome Question 55 _________ is the involuntary contraction of the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance so that entry of the penis is prevented. Congestion Vaginitus Vaginismus Yeastitis Menses Question 56 Which of the following is not a method of treating erectile disorder? injection therapy anal suppositories oral medication bypass surgery vacuum devices Question 57 Rape is ________ sexual intercourse with a person who does not give consent. permissible consensual forcible uncommon mutual Question 58 ________ is intercourse with a person who is under the legal age of consent. casual rape acquaintance rape stranger rape statutory rape formal rape Question 59 Although sexual assault against women has received increasing attention over the past decades, the sexual assault of ________ has not been well addressed the elderly relatives children siblings employees Question 60 Victims of rape are generally viewed more sympathetically by ________ than by ________. females, males males, females adults, children judges, juries juries, judges Question 61 Steps need to be taken to reduce the ________ of violence and to restructure male and female sex roles to specify equality, warmth, and supportiveness disapproval cultural acceptance denial cultural denial none of the above Question 62 In the past, male dominance, toughness, and ________ have often been emphasized. kindness acceptance violence supportiveness quietness Question 63 The major characteristics of rapists can be found in which of these types? the anger rapist the power-exploitative rapist the power-reassurance rapist the sadistic rapist all of the above Question 64 Which of the following excuses are commonly used by rapists to justify their behavior? it was beyond their control alcohol was present drugs were present the victim "got what they deserved" all of the above Question 65 Date rape may be a result of ________. provocative clothing poor communication liberal sexual views inconsistent values conservative political views Question 66 Many women who are date raped do not report the rapes to authorities because of feelings of ________. embarassment self blame assertiveness a and b a and c Question 67 ________ are prevalent in big business marketing. Sexual themes Sexual activities Only verbal messages Subliminal messages none of the above Question 68 In 1995, the FBI spotted a(n) ________ ad featuring an underage teen stripping for a photographer. Porsche Apple computer pet store Calvin Klein beer Question 69 ________ led the way in using sexual themes in television advertising to sell their product. Cigarette companies Beer companies Clothing companies Food companies OTC drug companies Question 70 Which of the following is an excellent means of educating people about healthy sexual practices? books television advertising newspapers radio Question 71 A dramatic increase in sexual permissiveness and sexual activity occurred during the _______. 1930s 1940s 1050s 1960s none of the above Question 72 Opponents of sexually explicit movies cite ________ as being partly responsible for soaring adultery and divorce rates nudity in other media violent sexual acts on television sexual preferences increases in numbers sexual encounters weak commitments of sexual partners Question 73 Proponents of sexual explicitness in films cite ________ as being beneficial the explicitness itself increased openness about sexuality adulterous encounters violent sexual acts none of the above Question 74 A common theme in sexually explicit videos is _______. sexual desire diverse sexual activity the availability of many sexual partners pleasure as the purpose of sexual activity all of the above Question 75 Which of the following are reasons why online sexual consumerism has steadily increased? consumers enjoy privacy consumers have the ability to download what they want it is easy to store items on the computer digitalized pornography has become more available all of the above Question 76 The 1970 report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography indicated that _______. pornography or sexually explicit materials alter a person's sexual behavior patterns over time. sexually explicit materials were corrupting the minds of children. pornography was causing more people to commit sexual offenses exposure to sexually explicit materials was not necessarily harmful none of the above Question 77 Which type of sex worker is considered to be at the "top" of the profession? house prostitute call girl street walker bar girl stripper Question 78 ________ (is) are used to make moral decisions Laws Ethical principles Social fairness Ethical dilemmas Beneficience Question 79 The ethical principle of ________ argues that for an action to be moral, it must do good and not cause harm. nonmalfesence autonomy/liberty beneficence justice/fairness social utility Question 80 A(n) ________ occurs when two or more ethical principles work in opposing fashion, causing one to wonder what is moral and what is immoral. situation ethic rule ethic inconsistent value ethical dilemma ethical principle Question 81 Situation ethics are based on the premise that all situations are ________. identical moral immoral unique acceptable Question 82 The ________ movement is based on teaching young people that the principles of trust, responsibility, honesty, respect, and caring should guide moral decision making values education moral education religious education ethical education character education Question 83 If a person diagnosed with an STD is asked to reveal his or her previous sexual contacts so that they may be notified about possibly coming in contact with an STD, the ethical principle that people should not intentionally harm the health of others might come in conflict with which other ethical principle? You should experience life fully Marriage is a unique relationship blessed by God that allows for a total expression of love. All of life is sacred One should not discuss other people's private sexual behavior Every person deserves to have sex. Question 84 An important ethical dilemma regarding HIV and pregnant mothers is whether ______. to make the mother give the child over to the state after birth. the mother should abort the fetus because there is a chance it could be born infected with HIV. to require pregnant women to be tested for HIV. to use certain medications to treat HIV in pregnant women. to provide HIV research funding to test all pregnant women. Question 85 The decision whether to participate in sexual activity outside of marriage is a common moral decision. Those who follow the ethical principle that one should experience life fully would likely make which decision? Abstain from sex until marriage Abstain from sex until he/she fell in love Engage in sex outside of marriage Engage in sex only when he/she felt like doing so Engage in sex after he/she became engaged to be married Question 86 ________ specifically refers to anal intercourse, but the term is often used to refer to almost any sexual behavior someone might not consider to be normal. Rape Incest Oral sex Sodomy Sin Question 87 ________ involves withdrawing a small amount of ________ surrounding the fetus via a needle inserted into the uterus through the abdominal wall Amniocentesis, blood Amniocentesis, amniotic fluid Ultrasound, amniotic fluid Ultrasound, blood Amniocentesis, placenta Question 88 The moral question surrounding amniocentesis involves knowing the fetus's health and _______. using certain prescription drugs during the pregnancy knowing the sex of the fetus. using fetal tissue for research continuing or discontinuing the pregnancy using birth control methods Question 89 ________ is the creation of a pregnancy in a laboratory by uniting a sperm and egg outside the womb Artificial insemination In vitro fertilization Lab simulation In vitro insemination Artificial fertilization Question 90 Statutory rape involves forcing a(n) ______ to have sex, and the age of consent varies from state to state. male minor woman partner animal

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 Question 1 A person's ________ is her or his erotic, romantic, a

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Excerpt from file: Anatomy Tutorial Question 1 A person's ________ is her or his erotic, romantic, and affectional attraction to the same gender, to the opposite gender, or both. sexual identity sexual preference sexual orientation This is a correct answer sexual habit sexuality continuum Question 2 In the past, the

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