HUM 100 Worksheet What Are the Humanities

HUM 100 Worksheet What Are the Humanities

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HUM 100 Worksheet: What Are the Humanities?

Complete this worksheet prior to Class One. Submit an electronic copy to your Assignments Page. Bring a hard copy (printout) with you to class, since it will be the basis for an in-class discussion. Provide at least 50 word responses to each of the questions. Provide coherent, thoughtful answers in correct English.

  1. What are "the humanities" to you? Look up the definition in our textbook and on line and then reflect on those definitions: The humanities to me is like studying in school, learning about how people throughout history have expressed, dealt with and understood the details surrounding human life and values or situations. Learning about cultural studies, different music, art performing from different cultural.

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HUM 100

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HUM 100 Worksheet What Are the Humanities

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Excerpt from file: Matrix HUM100Worksheet:WhatAretheHumanities? CompletethisworksheetpriortoClassOne.Submitanelectroniccopy toyourAssignmentsPage.Bringahardcopy(printout)withyoutoclass, sinceitwillbethebasisforaninclassdiscussion.Provideatleast50 wordresponsestoeachofthequestions.Providecoherent,thoughtful

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