Gen 200 Week 1 Discussion Questions

Gen 200 Week 1 Discussion Questions

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Gen 200 Week 1 Discussion Questions

Week One Discussion Questions

  • You have been introduced to assets available in the University Library, Center for Writing Excellence, and Center for Mathematics Excellence. What value do you see in these assets? How do you think you might use these assets to achieve academic success?

Since I took a ten-year break in school, I will benefit tremendously from the Center for Writing Excellence. There is a lot of grammar rules and techniques I have not used in years and the CWE offers plenty of information that will allow me to write and review my papers before submitting them for a grade.

  • What is your motivation for attending college? How might you use this motivation to achieve your educational goals?

My motivation for attending college is personal...

Gen 200

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Gen 200 Week 1 Discussion Questions

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Excerpt from file: Gen200Week1DiscussionQuestions WeekOneDiscussionQuestions YouhavebeenintroducedtoassetsavailableintheUniversityLibrary, CenterforWritingExcellence,andCenterforMathematicsExcellence. Whatvaluedoyouseeintheseassets?Howdoyouthinkyoumightuse theseassetstoachieveacademicsuccess?

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