ART 101 Module 1 SLP

ART 101 Module 1 SLP

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ART 101 Module 1 SLP

From images in your background assignments, pick a work of art from this time period (1450-1700) that catches your eye. It can be one that reminds you of an event from your own life or otherwise gets some kind of emotional reaction from you. Introduce your report with some information about the artist; how the work you chose reflects typical Baroque or, alternatively, classical values; and any other information that helps us understand the work. Then explain what exactly about this work of art catches your eye and/or what events in your own life it reminds you of. Be sure to either include the image itself or a link to it in your text. An alternative assignment for any one of the SLPs is to Visit an art museum Identify the museum Describe its architecture Indicate the scope of its collection in terms items (paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, etc.) and other materials and artistic periods and geographic areas represented in that collection Comment on what you liked best and least (Lunch is not eligible for this comment!) Your report should be two or three pages long.

ART 101

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 ART 101 Module 1 SLP

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Excerpt from file: ART101Module1SLP Fromimagesinyourbackgroundassignments,pickaworkofartfromthistimeperiod(1450 1700)thatcatchesyoureye.Itcanbeonethatremindsyouofaneventfromyourownlifeor otherwisegetssomekindofemotionalreactionfromyou.Introduceyourreportwithsome

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