PSY 270 DSM IV TR Mental Disorders

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DSM-IV-TR Mental Disorders




DSM-IV-TR Mental Disorders

Case Study 1:

Josephine has suffered from Schizoid Personality Disorder. It is a rare condition where the sufferers try to stay away from social activities and gatherings; they also stay away from conversations that include personal information. Some people call them loner, lack of motivation and love. The sufferers also seem emotionless, dull, and humorless (Mayo Clinic, 2013).

"The exact causes of schizoid personality disorder are unknown, although a combination of genetic and environmental factors" (Mayo Clinic, 2013, para. 1).

Schizoid disorder sufferers can be treated in many different ways: Medications, where no specific drug is successful yet. Psychotherapy and group therapy are apply by bringing...

PSY 270

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PSY 270 DSM IV TR Mental Disorders

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:DSMIVTRMENTALDISORDERS DSMIVTRMentalDisorders 4 PSY/270 2014 1 DSMIVTRMENTALDISORDERS 2 DSMIVTRMentalDisorders CaseStudy1: JosephinehassufferedfromSchizoidPersonalityDisorder.Itisarareconditionwherethe...

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