WGU Rjft Task 1

WGU Rjft Task 1

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Rjft Task 1

Bill Bailey, Chairman of the Board of the Utah Opera, could use Adam's Equity Theory of Motivation in order to convince those involved in the opera to support the merger. Adam's Equity Theory of Motivation states "how an individual's motivation to behave in a certain way is fueled by feelings of inequity or a lack of justice." (Kreitner & Kiniki, 2010). It would be important for Bailey to have a full understanding of distributive and procedural justice. Distributive justice refers to the fairness of the dispersal of supplies and incentives as comprehended by the employee. Procedural justice refers to the "perceived fairness of the process and procedures used to make allocation decisions"(Kreitner & Kiniki, 2010).

Bailey would have to convince the members of the opera and the...

WGU Rjft

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WGU Rjft Task 1

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Excerpt from file: RjftTask1 BillBailey,ChairmanoftheBoardoftheUtahOpera,coulduseAdams EquityTheoryofMotivationinordertoconvincethoseinvolvedinthe operatosupportthemerger.AdamsEquityTheoryofMotivationstates howanindividualsmotivationtobehaveinacertainwayisfueledby

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