WGU MKT1 Marketing Plan

WGU MKT1 Marketing Plan

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Company G

3-Year Marketing Plan


Company G is proud to announce the release of our highly anticipated, innovative search application for smart phones- Insta-Search. Insta-Search allows consumers to conveniently acquire information about plants, animals and insects by simply using their smart phone's camera. The application allows users to take a picture with their phone, and use the picture within "Insta-Search" to instantaneously view details about the item they searched including but not limited to species, habitat, traits, diet and health hazards.

Mission Statement

"We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing innovative electronics solutions."

The Product

Insta-Search is basically the reversed method of finding information...


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WGU MKT1 Marketing Plan

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Excerpt from file: CompanyG 3YearMarketingPlan Introduction CompanyGisproudtoannouncethereleaseofourhighlyanticipated,innovative searchapplicationforsmartphonesInstaSearch.InstaSearchallowsconsumers toconvenientlyacquireinformationaboutplants,animalsandinsectsbysimply

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