Wgu Kot1 Task2

Wgu Kot1 Task2

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Task 2


Competency : Healthcare Utilization and Finance

A1-Which costs will be covered by Medicare Part A?

Medicare Part A is otherwise called the Hospital Insurance and covers up to 100 days of the Skilled Nursing Facility stay. To be qualified for it the patient first has to have been hospitalized for more than 3 days in a hospital (qualifying hospital stay) so the stay in it would not be considered outpatient. After the hospital stay the doctor that followed the patient in the hospital or the PCP that releases the patient from the hospital needs to write the order for the SNF services. In order for a patient to receive the services from the SNF they have to:

-Have Medicare Part A insurance

-Have days left in the...

Wgu Kot1

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Wgu Kot1 Task2

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Excerpt from file: Task2 SUBDOMAIN734.3ORGANIZATIONALSYSTEMS&QUALITYLEADERSHIP. Competency:HealthcareUtilizationandFinance A1WhichcostswillbecoveredbyMedicarePartA? MedicarePartAisotherwisecalledtheHospitalInsuranceandcoversupto100 daysoftheSkilledNursingFacilitystay.Tobequalifiedforitthepatientfirsthasto...

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