PHI 200 Week 4 DQ2

PHI 200 Week 4 DQ2

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PHI 200 Week 4 DQ2

The Turing Test

If you were asked to defeat the computer in the Turing Test (described in our book), what types of questions would you ask it? Explain why you think these questions would be the type to "reveal" the computer to be a computer? Why would these responses have to be given by a human being? (If you don't think there are such questions, you will need to explain what, if anything, shows that human beings are unique, and how it shows that.)

PHI 200

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PHI 200 Week 4 DQ2

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Excerpt from file: Week4DQ2TheTuringTestPHI200MindandMachine TheTuringTest IfyouwereaskedtodefeatthecomputerintheTuringTest(describedinourbook),whattypes ofquestionswouldyouaskit?Explainwhyyouthinkthesequestionswouldbethetypeto "reveal"thecomputertobeacomputer?Whywouldtheseresponseshavetobegivenbya...

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