SCI 220 Food Intake

SCI 220 Food Intake

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Food Intake

SCI 220

The purpose of this assignment is to track and display the food choices we make and the way we eat affects our lifestyle and health. This paper address' my personal food intake for 1 day. Next I will compare my food choices with my WileyPlus profile and determine whether I am maintaining healthy eating habits. I already know I will need to modify my eating habits along with exercising to complete a lifestyle change.

One-day food intake

My one day food intake is a typical daily intake on any given or an average day for me. Before taking this class I had thought about changing my health and food habits but never followed through on any plan. At first iProfile was frightening but once the facts started to flow and information was displayed, I began to welcome the...

SCI 220

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SCI 220  Food Intake

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Excerpt from file: FoodIntake SCI220 Thepurposeofthisassignmentistotrackanddisplaythefoodchoiceswemake andthewayweeataffectsourlifestyleandhealth.Thispaperaddressmypersonal foodintakefor1day.NextIwillcomparemyfoodchoiceswithmyWileyPlusprofile anddeterminewhetherIammaintaininghealthyeatinghabits.IalreadyknowIwill...

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