BUS 402 Week 5

BUS 402 Week 5

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BUS 402 Week 5

BUS 402 Final Case Study and Strategic Plan The final assignment for this course is a Final Case Study and Strategic Plan. The purpose of the Final Project is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by describing your understanding and application of knowledge in the field of Strategic Management & Business Policy through the analysis of a mini case. The Final Project represents 30% of the overall course grade. Focus of the Final Paper

Read the Starbucks Global Quest 2006: Is the Best Yet to Come? case provided in the Course Materials section of your course shell. From the perspective of an executive with the firm, prepare a ten- to twelve- page, three-year strategic management proposal to Starbucks managing board of directors. Your proposal must be future-oriented and include an economic assessment, marketing assessment plan, a financial plan, an organizational structure recommendation, and supporting rationale. Use non-course materials to support your contentions and incorporate pro-rata financial statements and supporting documentation. Use APA style and submit your proposal to the instructor by the last day of class. Discussion Questions Think of companies that are concerned not only with the bottom line, but also with being good corporate citizens. Share examples and the reasons why you think these companies practice social responsibility.

BUS 402

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 BUS 402 Week 5

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Excerpt from file: Week5DQ1CorporateSocialResponsibilityBUS402StrategicManagement& BusinessPolicy Thinkofcompaniesthatareconcernednotonlywiththebottomline,butalsowithbeinggood corporatecitizens.Shareexamplesandthereasonswhyyouthinkthesecompaniespractice socialresponsibility.

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