HSM 240 Youth Entering Society

HSM 240 Youth Entering Society

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Youth Entering Society

HSM 240


Today's youth labor force, between 16 and 24 years of age, who between April

and July of every year is vigorously searching for employment; however are running

into more barriers than ever before in our history. According to the Bureau of Labor

Statistics the breakdown of unemployment among young adults are as follows. Among

unemployed young men; they stand at 20.5 % being jobless, African Americans are

currently 33.4 % of those without employment; Asians rank at 21.6 %, and they are

continuing to trend upwards. Young women are presently at 17.5 %, Whites are 16.2 %,

and Hispanics ranking at 22.1 %; were essentially unchanged from the few past years.

Before the Great Recession of the 2000's, youths have the general...

HSM 240

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HSM 240 Youth Entering Society

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Excerpt from file: YouthEnteringSociety HSM240 Introduction Today'syouthlaborforce,between16and24yearsofage,whobetweenApril andJulyofeveryyearisvigorouslysearchingforemployment;howeverarerunning intomorebarriersthaneverbeforeinourhistory.AccordingtotheBureauofLabor

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