HRM 531 Development of Training and Mentoring Program

HRM 531 Development of Training and Mentoring Program

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Development of Training and Mentoring Program

University of Phoenix

HRM 531


Welcome to Enviro Tech where our goal is to build a business process with supportive training specifically designed to help teams grow business and achieve growth goals. Each team member is held at the high level of performance standards. Associates will continue improving the organizations performance, operational excellence, and associate proficiency. Associates will understand and live the values that underpin our culture as well as bring personal integrity to our organization by upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. The team will delight our customers and exceed satisfaction goals. The organization and the team members will create workforce stability by...

HRM 531

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HRM 531 Development of Training and Mentoring Program

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Excerpt from file: DevelopmentofTrainingandMentoringProgram UniversityofPhoenix HRM531 Introduction WelcometoEnviroTechwhereourgoalistobuildabusinessprocesswith supportivetrainingspecificallydesignedtohelpteamsgrowbusinessandachieve growthgoals.Eachteammemberisheldatthehighlevelofperformancestandards.

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