ETH 125 Week 5 DQ 1 and DQ 2

ETH 125 Week 5 DQ 1 and DQ 2

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Week 5

DQ1: In 1954, Brown v. Board of Education desegregated schools in the United States and deemed desegregated schools separate but unequal. Do you think the legislation was an appropriate reaction to segregation in schools? Do you think the legislation is still relevant? Explain your response.

Yes, I believe the legislation was appropriate. The outcome had a unanimous ruling in the landmark of this civil rights case. Segregation violated the 14 Amendment. Slavery became outlawed when the 13 Amendment took effect. Three years passed before the 14 Amendment would become official during the late 1860's. The "separate but equal" situation present before Brown versus Board of Education defeated the definition of equal. Equal means same value, level, or match. Separation of any sort...

ETH 125

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ETH 125 Week 5 DQ 1 and DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: Week5 DQ1:In1954,Brownv.BoardofEducationdesegregatedschoolsintheUnitedStates anddeemeddesegregatedschoolsseparatebutunequal.Doyouthinkthelegislationwas anappropriatereactiontosegregationinschools?Doyouthinkthelegislationisstill relevant?Explainyourresponse.

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