ECO 204 Week 3 DQ2

ECO 204 Week 3 DQ2

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ECO 204 Week 3 DQ2

Which of the following industries would you classify as an oligopoly? Which would you classify as monopolistically competitive? Make sure in your answer to relate it to the characteristics of the market structures. Explain your answer. If you are not sure, what information do you need to know to decide? Respond to at least two of your fellow students postings. a. Athletic shoes b. Restaurants c. Watches d. Aircraft e. Ice Cream.

ECO 204

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 ECO 204 Week 3 DQ2

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Excerpt from file: Week3Discussion1:Aperfectlycompetitiveindustryisinitiallyinashortrunequilibriumin whichallfirmsareearningzeroeconomicprofitsbutareoperatingbelowtheirminimum efficientscale.Explainthelongrunadjustmentsthatwillcreateequilibriumwithfirmsoperating

Filename: Ashford ECO 204 Week 3 Discussion 2 - Oligopoly & Monopolistically competitive - ECO204 Principles of Microeconomics - Ashford U

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 ECO 204 Week 3 DQ2

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Excerpt from file: HuffmanTrucking1 POS/355Week2;IndividualAssignment HuffmanTrucking:OperatingSystems HuffmanTrucking:OperatingSystems HuffmanTrucking2 HuffmanTruckingwasfoundedinCleveland,Ohioin1936byK.Huffman.Huffman Truckingcurrentlyhaslocationsin4states.TherearecurrentlyplantsandofficesinOhio,New

Filename: POS 355 Week 2 Individual Huffman Trucking Paper.docx

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