BUS 308 Week 1 Assignments 1.2, 1.17, 3.3, 3.22

BUS 308 Week 1 Assignments 1.2, 1.17, 3.3, 3.22

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BUS 308 Week 1 Assignments 1.2, 1.17, 3.3, 3.22

Assignment 1.2     Below we list several variables. Which of these variables are quantitative and which are qualitative? The dollar amount of on an accounts receivable invoice The net profit for a company in 2009. The stock exchange on which a companys stock is traded The national debt of the United States in 2009. The advertising medium (radio, television, or print) used to promote a product.

1.17 Classify each of the following qualitative variables as Ordinal or Nominative. Explain your answers. Qualitative Variable    Answer with explanation Statistics course letter grade     Door choice on Lets Make A Deal     Television show classifications     Personal computer ownership     Restaurant rating     Income tax filing status    

3.3 Calculate the mean, median, and mode of each of the following populations of numbers.     a.    9.8, 10, 10, 12.6, 11, 10, 12.8 b.    110, 120, 70, 90, 90, 100, 80, 130, 140

3.22 In order to control costs, a company wishes to study the amount of money its sales force spends entertaining clients. The following is a random sample of six entertainment expenses (dinner costs for four people) from expense reports submitted by members of the sales force. $157   $132   $109   $145   $125   $139 a)    Calculate ,  , and  for the expense data. In addition, show that the two different formulas for calculating  give same result. b)    Assuming that the distribution of entertainment expense is approximately normally distributed, calculate estimates of tolerance intervals containing 68.26 percent, 95.44 percent, and 99.73 percent of all entertainment expenses by the sales force. c)    If a member of the sales force submits an entertainment expense (dinner cost for four) of $190, should this expense be considered unusually high (and possibly worthy of investigation by the company)? Explain your answer. d)    Compute and interpret the z-score for each of the six entertainment expenses.

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 BUS 308 Week 1 Assignments 1.2, 1.17, 3.3, 3.22

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