Final Exam ETH316

Final Exam ETH316

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Final Exam - ETH/316

Please highlight the best answer for each question based on the readings from the texts.

Example -

Question 1

Which option am I selecting?

a) Answer A

b) Answer B

Question 1 (worth 1.5 points)

Which theory was not discussed in your assigned reading during week 1?

a) Deontology

b) Virtue Theory

c) Utilitarianism

d) Sentimentalism

Question 2 (worth 1.5 points)

One of the key theorists of Ethical Contractarianism is;

a) Aristotle

b) Thomas Hobbes

c) Immanuel Kant

d) Jeremy Bentham

Question 3 (worth 1.5 points)

Which of the following is an example of a socially responsible effort?

a) Minimizing your carbon footprint

b) Paying for groceries with a credit card

c) Making dinner for your family


Final Exam

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Final Exam   ETH316

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Excerpt from file: FinalExamETH/316 Pleasehighlightthebestanswerforeachquestionbasedonthereadingsfromthetexts. Example Question1 WhichoptionamIselecting? a) AnswerA b) AnswerB ______________________________________________________________________ Question1(worth1.5points)

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