which of the following statements about the cap and dividend policy is not true?

which of the following statements about the cap and dividend policy is not true?

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the EPA has programs in place to help US consumers and industries use less water.In addition to enforcing such legislation as the Clean Water Act,
to reduce greenhouse emissions worldwideWhich of the following best describes the purpose of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol?
Not everyone agrees on its causes or its possible solutions.Why is the idea of climate change controversial?
empowered the EPA to protect groundwater in the United States.The 1974 Congressional Safe Drinking Water Act
it can take years to detect pollution in underground water.One problem that arises with monitoring freshwater supplies is that
to enforce laws that restrict land, water, and air pollutionWhich of the following best describes the function of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?
Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are released into the air.Which of the following happens when fossil fuels are burned?
limited and vulnerableWhich of the following is the best description of fresh water as a natural resource?
rising global temperaturesWhich of the following do scientists claim is evidence of climate change?
deforestationWhich of the following most contributes to soil erosion?
industrial pollution, sewage pollution, and saltwater intrusionWhich of the following best names significant threats to water quality in the United States?
CThe Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy works to _______. a. ban the use of products that are not energy efficient b. fine companies that do not operate at peak energy efficiency c. invest in clean energy technologies that will strengthen the economy d. eliminate the use of energy obtained from the burning of coal within ten years
FEnergy efficiency strategies are based on the assumption that consumers will be willing to pay more in exchange for reduced energy use.
TThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service helps protect endangered species.
BHow has the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service positively impacted ecosystems? a. by regulating private land use b. by conserving wildlife habitats c. by banning hunting and fishing d. all of the above
DThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife service is responsible for protecting _______. a. migratory birds b. endangered species c. aquatic species d. all of the above
BWhat is the main goal of the Pacific Region Coastal Program? a. to end fishing along the Pacific coast b. restore wetland and forest habitats c. provide jobs d. restore damage caused by soil erosion
BThe Alliance to Save Energy seeks to increase energy efficiency through _______. a. petitioning consumers to change their habits b. lobbying for policy changes c. reducing greenhouse gases d. increased spending on consumer goods
CWhich of the following is not a benefit of increased energy efficiency? a. decreased emissions b. decreased use of natural resources c. decreased energy services d. decreased energy use
FGovernment sanctioned activities to improve ecosystems have had little effect.
FScience has had no negative impacts on society.
BWhy is an environmental contingency plan important? a. An environmental contingency plan is important to assess the effort required to make environmental changes. b. The effects of environmental changes cannot be determined with certainty, so contingency plans are necessary to effectively deal with unexpected changes. c. New environmental conditions cannot be developed without the existence of an environmental contingency plan. d. All of the above
AWhy is it important to cooperate with other countries on environmental issues? a. Environmental issues are not always localized. b. Other countries have no environmental issues. c. Other countries have more environmental issues. d. None of the above
BWhich of the following is a negative consequence of scientific advancements on society? a. increased life expectancy b. increased pollution c. new energy resources d. all of the above
DHow does monitoring environmental parameters affect policies regarding resource use? a. Environmental parameters do not change, so policies based on them will not be subject to change. b. Policies involving resource use determine the level of monitoring required for the environment. c. Resource use is independent of the environment, so monitoring environmental parameters is an ineffective practice. d. Environmental parameters indicate whether or not resource use is harming the environment.
TEnvironmental degradation is a consequence of previous technological advances.
AHow has science led to advancements that benefit society? a. Science increases the understanding of natural processes, which leads to technological advances. b. Scientific exploration has led to a social imbalance. c. Scientific understanding leads to technological advances, which contribute to environmental degradation. d. All of the above
CThe Office of Ecology and Natural Resource Conservation works to _______. a. end the use of natural resources b. maintain the supply of domestic natural resources c. develop foreign policy regarding the sustainable use of natural resources d. limit the use of critical natural resources in the United States
DWhich of the following is a way that science has benefited society? a. medical advances b. new energy resources c. technological advances d. all of the above
TWaste management is an environmental issue that has been addressed by environmental policy.
FThe United Nations Environment Program regulates the environmental policy for all countries.
BWhat is the main function of environmental policy? a. prevent the use of natural resources b. reduce human impact on the environment c. prevent nature from having a harmful effect on humans d. reduce the use of natural resources
AThe level of environmental protection enacted typically depends on _______. a. the perceived benefit of the action b. the support of the community c. pressure from foreign governments d. all of the above
FEli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin is an example of scientific advancements negatively affecting society.
DWhy is it important for environmental policy to address pollution concerns? a. Pollution can have a negative impact on human health. b. Pollution is damaging to the environment. c. Pollution can cause a reduction in usable natural resources. d. All of the above
DWhy is it important for all countries to participate in reducing resource depletion? a. Resource depletion that occurs in one country may be due to demand in another. b. The depletion of resources in one area can have a dramatic effect on other regions. c. Resources are limited globally. d. All of the above
BWhat historically has had the greatest impact on the development of environmental policy? a. small-scale private environmental events b. large-scale public environmental events c. efforts of conservationists d. none of the above
AWhich of the following statements about the cap and dividend policy is not true? a. The number of issued permits under the cap and dividend policy increases year to year. b. The cap and dividend policy sets a limit on total carbon emissions. c. The cap and dividend policy works by issuing limit permits. d. Carbon emissions will likely decrease over time as a result of a cap and dividend policy.
FThe National Environmental Policy Act was established in 1965.
AWhat do the international efforts at reducing resource and ecological depletion have in common? a. They rely on voluntary participation. b. They came about through the work of the United Nations. c. They began in the 1980's. d. They have nothing in common.
CWhat is the main goal of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change? a. to impose carbon emission limits on all countries b. to encourage the sustainable use of tropical rainforests c. to prevent the continued rise of greenhouse gas concentrations d. to end the production of greenhouse gases
CWhat occurred as a result of the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire? a. The number of fire stations along the river was doubled. b. The public was restricted from accessing the Cuyahoga River. c. Public awareness of water pollution increased. d. Ohio residents organized a massive campaign to clean up the river.
BThe Kyoto protocol works by _______. a. mandatory involvement b. voluntary involvement c. imposing trade restrictions on nonparticipating countries d. offering monetary rewards to participating countries
AWhat was an effect of major environmental issues that occurred in the 1960's? a. The national government instituted regulations to handle environmental issues. b. The national government turned all environmental affairs over to individual state governments. c. State governments withdrew from monitoring environmental issues. d. Public awareness of environmental issues decreased.
TEnvironmental issues have undergone changes since the 1970's.
A large number of its children had suffered from lead poisoning.Why was the town of Picher, Oklahoma, evacuated in 2009?
tripled during the last fifty years.Water usage in the United States has
stated claimWithin an argument there can be only one __________.
appeal to emotionWhich of the following correctly identifies the rhetorical strategy used in this poster?
I should not have to go to school today.What is the stated claim in the following argument?
Those who cut down the trees are going against God by destroying his innocent creations.Which of the following is an implicit premise found in this section of "Save the Redwoods"?
appeal to moralityWhich of the following options BEST identifies the rhetorical strategy used here?
The person speaking did not get any sleep last night.What is the implicit premise in the following argument?
because, for, and sinceWhich of the following are explicit indicators?
Women can help in the war effort.Which of the following BEST summarizes the claim made by this poster?
Many of the things described in the imaginary town have happened in real towns all over America.What is the explicit claim made by Carson in this passage?
results from studies conducted on birds and other animalsIf Rachel Carson was to present this excerpt of Silent Spring to a group of scientists who respond best to logic, what should she add to this section?
which of

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