a ________ is a set of rules for how information and communication are exchanged.

a ________ is a set of rules for how information and communication are exchanged.

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NetworkA ________ is a group of two or more computers, or nodes, configured to share information and resources.
Ease of maintenance and administrationWhich of the following is NOT an advantage of using networks as compared to a stand-alone computer?
NetworkA ________ allows multiple users to connect to the Internet through one connection.
Client/server________ networks contain servers as well as computers that individual users access and use.
Peer-to-peerIn a(n) ________ network, each node connected to the network communicates directly with every other node.
10P2P networks become difficult to manage when they are expanded beyond ________ users
PanA ________ is a network used by one person connected via wireless media.
VpnA ________ uses the public Internet communications infrastructure to build a secure, private network.
intranetA(n) ________ is used exclusively within a corporation or organization.
authenticationA(n) ________ server tracks who is logging on to the network as well as which services on the network are available to each user.
All networks require at least two serversWhich of the following is FALSE about servers?
FilesA(n) ________ server is a server that stores and manages files for network users.
QueueA print server uses a print ________ as a software holding area for printing jobs
ApplicationWhen a client computer connects to a network and requests the use of Microsoft Office 2010, for example, the ________ server delivers the software to the client computer.
ClusterWhich of the following is NOT a common network topology?
ProtocolA ________ is a set of rules for how information and communication are exchanged.
TokenRing networks use the ________ method to avoid data collisions
TerminatorThe ends of the cable in a bus network use a(n) ________ to absorb a signal so that it is not reflected back onto parts of the network that have already received the signal.
BisWhich of the following networks is most known for data collisions?
TokenA _____ is passed from computer to computer around the ring of a ring topology network.
StarWhich of the following is the most commonly used client/server network topology?
SwitchThe star topology uses a central ________ to connect all network nodes.
RingIf fair allocation of network access is a major requirement of the network, choose a(n) ________ topology.
A method used to avoid data collisionsWhat is CSMA/CD?
JamIn a network that uses the star topology, the signal that is sent to indicate a signal collision is called a ________ signal.
HybridA ________ topology is created when more than one topology is used to build a network.
StarWhich of the following networks has high scalability?
DuplexFor business networks, which of the following is NOT a main cable type?
Cable diameterWhich of the following is NOT a factor to consider when selecting network cabling?
EmiWhich of the following causes interference when a cable is exposed to strong electromagnetic fields?
Fiber-optic________ cable is NOT subject to electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference.
Cladding________ is a protective layer made of glass or plastic, which is wrapped around the core of a fiber-optic cable for protection.
Fiber opticWhich cable type is the most costly to install?
Electromagnetic________ interference is a type of signal interference in wired transmission media that can be caused by fluorescent lights or machinery with motors or transformers.
HyperText transfer protocolWhich is NOT a networking protocol?
Network operating systemA(n) ________ needs to be installed on each client computer and server connected to the network to provide the services necessary for them to communicate.
(It verifies that all information transmitted from the computer is correctly received by the)Which of the following is something a network adapter does NOT do?
EthernetThe standard communications protocol used on most client/server networks is ______.
Media access controlWhat is another name for the physical address assigned to each network adapter?
IPA(n) ________ address is the address external entities use to communicate with your network.
BridgeWhich of the following devices sends data from one collision domain to another?
Routers________ are devices used to send data between two networks.
FirewallA ________ keeps your computer safe by confirming who is trying to access it.
Routers________ are often equipped to act as hardware firewalls.
ScreeningPacket ________ is a form of protection for your computer that looks at each packet that comes into your computer network.
Bastion hostA(n) ________ server is a heavily secured server located on a special perimeter network between a company's secure internal network and its firewall.
BiometricFacial recognition is an example of ________ authentication.
a ________

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