vitamin e serves as

vitamin e serves as

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PrecursorA compound in food that can be converted into an active vitamin inside the body is know as
Vitamin CAll the following are fat soluble vitamins except
fatAny disease that produces ___ malabsorption can bring about deficiencies of vitamins A, D,E, and K
easily excreted in urine and can be leached out of foods by cooking in waterTrue statements concerning the water soluble vitamins include
maintenance of body linings and reproductionVitamin A plays an important role in
frequent infections and night blindnessSymptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency include
macular degenerationpopulation studies suggest that people whose diets lack foods rich in beta-carotene have a higher incidence of
broccoli and sweet potatoesFoods rich in beta-carotene include
health of the retina in the eyeImportant roles of vitamin D include all of the following except
cardiovascular diseaseResearch suggest that deficiency of Vitamin D may lead to
osteomalaciaThe vitamin deficiency disease in adults is known as
margarine and cerealsFortified plant sources of Vitamin D available in the US include
rolled oatsall of the following are significant food sources of Vitamin D except
an antioxidantVitamin E serves as
someone who eats a diet high in fatIn which of the following situations would a Vitamin E deficiency be least likely
EAs people consume more polyunsaturated oil their need for vitamin ____ rises
vegetable oils and products made from themMuch of the Vitamin E people consume comes fromm
to help activate proteins that help clot the bloodThe main function of Vitamin K is
intestinal bacteriaA non-food source of vitamin K is
they are stored extensively in tissuesCharacteristics of water soluble vitamins include all of the following except
maintains bone densitywhich of the following is not one of the functions of vitamin C
it helps produce carotin and iron absorptionWhich of the following statements regarding vitamin C is true?
cook them for short periods of time and consume them promptly after purchasingto obtain the maximum amount of vitamin c from vegetables you would
milkeall of the following are good food sources of vitamin C except
coenzymesThe B vitamin act as
beriberiThe Thiamin deficiency disease is known as
NiacinPellagra is a ___ deficiency disease
raw spinachThe best natural sources of folate include
reduce the incidence of birth defects called neural tube defectsThe main reason for fortifying enriched grain products with folic acid is to
Vitamin B12An uninformed strict vegetarian is at special risk for ____ deficiency
Vitamin B6The amount of ____ people need is proportional to protein intake
select a wide variety of whole foods to get a balance of vitaminsThe best way to select foods that are vitamin rich is to
fat soluble vitamins because they are stored more readily in body tissuesVitamin toxicity is more of a concern with which type of vitamins
fat soluble are stored in the liver and fatty tissue until the body needs themWhat is true about the absorption and storage of fat-soluble versus water soluble vitamins in the body
not be concerned as long as his diet as whole provides average amounts that approximate the recommended intakesYou would tell a person who did not meet his recommended intakes for the fat-soluble vitamins on one day to:
it may result in loss of the fat soluble vitamins through excretionYou advise your grandmother against using mineral oil as a laxative because
The vitamin A precursor in carrots becomes activated to form rhodopsin in the eyeThe statement "Eat carrots because they are good for your eyes" is correct because
Vitamin AA girl has stopped growing in height prematurely because her bones are not going through the remodeling process necessary for growth. This most likely results from a deficiency of what vitamin
although some foods have been fortified with vitamin A, the amounts are not high enough to be a toxicity concernAll of the following statements about Vitamin A supplements and fortified foods are true except
order a salad with cheese and carrotsYou eat frequently at fast-food restaurants. In order to improve the nutritional quality and Vitamin A content of a typical fast-food meal you would
beta-caroteneA young woman on a vegetarian diet has decided to increase her intake of raw bright colored vegetables and has recently noticed that her skin is turning bright yellow. This is from
osteomalaciaYou have a friend who has low exposure to sun, eats low dairy and has twin babies. She is at high risk of developing
Someone with light skin that wears light weight clothing and walks outdoors dailyWhich of the following people would be able to make a sufficient amounts of Vitamin D without having to eat foods containing that VD
few foods have naturally high vitamin D and not everyone has adequate sun exposureFoods fortified with Vitamin D are important because
Vitamin EA person who lives in a city with high air pollution levels may be exposed to increased oxidative damage in the lungs from breathing the contaminated air. Which antioxidant vitamin is needed to protect cells from damage
Vitamin E deficiencyYou have a friend who eats a lot of highly processes foods, fast foods, and convenience foods but does drink fortified milk. She is at risk of developing
Vitamin KA person who has taken antibiotics for several months because of a severe bacterial infection may develop a deficiency of
VItamin CTobacco use damages the body by people needing more of what vitamin
Vitamin CWhat vitamin is a open container of juice at risk for from exposure to air in fridge
Stir fry veggiesWhich of the following preparation or storage techniques for fruits and vegetables will preserve the most vitamins
people who consume enough calories from whole foodsWhich of the following groups would not be at risk for developing a thiamin deficiency
Exclusion of grain foods and cerealsA woman who is on a low-carb diet for weight loss will have difficult maintaining B vitamins, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folate. Why?
niacinA person has developed heart disease and high blood lipid values and refuses to take medication, what vitamin would be used as an alternative
person who doesn't consume meats and eats corn as diet stapleWhich of the following would be most likely to develop pellagra
most young woman don't have an adequate intake of fruits and vegetablesAll enriched grain products in the US now have folic acid because
Vitamin B12An elderly woman has difficulty digesting from stomach acid, nerve pain in legs, and difficulty walking. What vitamin Deficiency
Vitamin B6Woman taking vitamin supplements has numbness in in hands and feet what vitamin cause this?
small pork chop, green peas and watermelonWhich of the following food combinations would ensure adequate intakes of thiamin without too many calories
folate and vitamin CWhat two vitamins are abundant in leafy greens, citrus,
Vitamin D and Vitamin B12A woman following vegan diet became pregnant and needs what supplements
Vitamin E and Vitamin Cantioxidant nutrients actively scavenge and quench free radicals in body include
cancerPeople whose diets are rich in vegetables and fruits have low rates of
contains ingredients as listed on the label and will dissolve in digestive tractThe USP symbol on the label of a vitamin supplement means that
amount of vitamin C used during strew can easily be obtained from generous servings of fruits and vegetablesyou recommend your friend not take strew formula vitamin C supplements because
Has a balance of vitamins you really need with few added ingredientsIf a person does need to take a vitamin supplement, it is best for them to select a product that
vitamin e

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