which of the following is not a function of water in the body?

which of the following is not a function of water in the body?

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Approximately how much water (lbs) is found in a 134 lb person?80
What fraction of lean tissue represents the water content?3/4
Which of the following is not a function of water in the body?Source of energy
Which of the following contributes most to weight of the human body?Water
Which of the following is a feature of water?Generated from oxidation of energy nutrients.
Among the following groups which has the highest percentage of body water?Children
Where is interstitial water found?Between cells
The average daily loss of water via the kidneys, lungs, feces, and skin approximates1.5 to 2.5 liters
Which of the following is a feature of water and health?Water intoxication is rare but can result in death.
What is the appropriate water intake for a 65 kg adult with an energy expenditure of 2,500 kcal?2,500 to 3,250 ml
Which of the following is a characteristic of caffeine intake and water balance?Habitual consumers of caffeine lose no more fluid from the body than when ingesting non caffeinated beverages.
Which of the following types of drinking water contains the lowest amount of minerals?Distilled water
Habitual intake of soft water is most likely to aggravateHypertension
What is the function of renin?Activate angiotensin
Aldosterone and renin each function to promote ?Retention of sodium.
Ions that carry a positive charge are called?Cations
All of the following are properties of electrolytes except?They contain fat soluble as well as water soluble particles
Which of the following describes a way to make a electrolyte solution?Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water .
What is the major extra cellular cation?Sodium
What is the major intracellular anion?Phosphate
What organ is the chief regular of the body's acid-base balance?Kidneys
Which of the following is a general property of the minerals?When a food is burned, the ash contains all the minerals.
Normally, what is the relationship of the amount of sodium excreted to the amount ingested that day?Intake and excretion are equal.
How much sodium is contained in a fast-food deluxe hamburger that lists a salt content of 2.5g?1,000mg
What percentage of a persons total sodium intakes derives from naturally occurring food sodium?10
What is another term for hypertension?High blood pressure
Which of the following is a major function of chloride?Helps maintain gastric acidity.
Which of the following is the primary function of potassium?Acts as principal intracellular electrolyte.
Which of the following is a feature of potassium?Liberal intake may correct hypertension
All of the following are features of potassium in nutrition except?Processes foods are a major source.
Which of the following is an early symptom of potassium deficiency ?...
Which of the following is a feature of calcium in the body?Higher calcium intakes correlate with lower body fatness.
All of the following characteristics are shared by calcium and magnesium except.Both are found in abundance in dairy products.
Calcium absorption is facilitated by the presence ofLactose
How much calcium would be typically absorbed by a normal adult with a calcium intake of 1,000 mg?250mg
All of the following dietary substances are known to adversely affect calcium balance except.Lactose in the diet
Calcium-binding protein acts on theIntestines
Which of the following shows the highest bioavailability for calcium?...
Which of the following is a feature of osteoporosis?It has virtually no effect on blood calcium levels
At what age do adults normally begin to lose bone mass?30-40 years
Approximately how many people in the United States are afflicted with osteoporosis?5o million
Which of the following is a feature of phosphorus?Involved in energy exchange
Which of the following is a feature of phosphorous in nutrition?Dietary deficiencies Are virtually unknown.
Which of the following minerals is least likely to be deficient in anyone's diet?Phosphorus
Which of the following is a feature of magnesium in nutrition?Average intakes from food are below recommendations.
The magnesium present in mineral water has a bioavailability of about50%
All of the following are known to have a high sulfur content except?Teeth
Sulfur is present in practically allProteins
Which of the following is a function of trabecular bone?Storage cite for calcium
The strongest predictor for loss of bone density is a personsAge
All of the following are known to have high correlation with risk for osteoporosis exceptConsuming a high-protein diet
What component of soy is thought to account for most of its beneficial effects on bone health?Petrochemicals
After age, what is the next strongest risk factor for osteoporosis ?Sex
Which of the following is characteristic of calcium nutrition I teenagers?The intake of calcium is higher in boys than girls because they eat more food
Common side effects of taking a high dose calcium supplement include all the following exceptIncreased iron absorption
Among the following calcium supplements, which contains the lowest percentage of calcium...
What is most likely to occur when a calcium supplement and an iron supplement are taken simultaneously?Absorption of iron is reduced
To minimize the risk of calcium toxicity , total daily intakes should be limited to under2,500 mg
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