which of the following was a political effect of european imperialism in africa?

which of the following was a political effect of european imperialism in africa?

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The one nation in Africa that successfully resisted European rule wasEthiopia
Which words best describe King Leopold II's actions in central Africa?cruel, heartless
Read the following passage from a book that David Livingstone wrote about his travels in central Africa. "The country is becoming very beautiful, and furrowed [lined] by deep valleys; the underlying rocks, being igneous, have yielded [given] fertile soil. There is great abundance of large game [animals to hunt]. . . . We crossed the Mbai [River] and found in its bed rocks of pink marble. Some little hills near it are capped by marble of beautiful whiteness." Which best summarizes Livingstone's description of Africa?There are abundant natural resources in Africa.
Resistance to British rule in southern Africa was led by theZulus.
What part did Henry Stanley and David Livingstone play in the European colonization of Africa?They wrote books that interested Europeans who wanted to colonize Africa.
The two European countries with the most colonies in Africa wereFrance and Great Britain.
Which of the following words best describes Africa?continent
Look at this famous political cartoon of Cecil Rhodes, standing over Africa. Which of the following best describes the message conveyed by this cartoon?Europeans are powerful enough to subdue an entire continent.
When Europeans first began to explore Africa, what did they find?a great diversity of cultures
The name of Africa's longest river is theNile
Africa Geographical Features: 2nd largest continent in the world, behind Asia The Sahara Desert-the entire United States, can fit in the Sahara Desert. The Nile (longest river) and the Congo rivers Vast rainforests
Africa in the 1800's before Imperialism: Thousands of Cultural Groups, many of them speaking their own unique language, and each having unique customs Societies and Governments were organized much differently than those in Europe.
Europe's Motivation to Imperialize Africa: Africa's natural resources in and amongst those different societies were a huge drawing point for the Europeans to move into Africa. o Gold and diamonds. o Rubber and palm oil. o Ivory from rhinoceros tusks or from elephant tusks o Land for farming. Europeans believed it was their duty to "Civilize" Africans. They believed in the idea of ethnocentrism: the belief that the first race, the people from Europe, are above, or more advanced.
1885 the Berlin Conference: held by European leaders to divide up the continent in a an organized fashion to avoid chaos. Referred to as the Scramble for Africa.o Africa was partitioned into large pieces of territories controlled mainly by the French & British. o The Africans were not invited. It was actually believed that the Africans could not govern themselves and they need someone else to come in and govern them. o Traditional tribal and ethnic boundaries were ignored. So tribes that had been warring for centuries were suddenly supposed to be able to get along under European (Belgian, British, French) leadership. This obviously did not happen and it would have long-term consequences in the history of Africa.
Belgians: The Belgians controlled the Belgian Congo.o Leopold II was king of Belgium. He ruled with "absolute power" and was very corrupt and extremely dangerous to the people he ruled over. o He took personal control of the Congo region of Africa after the Berlin Conference, and he made it his personal colony o King Leopold, he enslaved the population in order to gather the rubber and ivory that was created to supplement his personal fortune. o Rubber was extremely desirable, so he set quotas, meaning this village must bring in 100-- let's say 100 pounds-- of rubber per day. o For each pound or for each item of ivory that the village was unable to bring in, one villager would either lose a hand or lose a foot for each item that was missed. Historians believe that between 10 million and 20 million people living in this area may have died during the King Leopold's reign. o In 1908, the Belgian parliament had to annex or take this territory away from King Leopold. o They renamed it the Belgian Congo, but they did not have any investigations into these atrocities.
There were three main factors that enabled Europeans to establish empires and Imperialism in Africa:1. New technologies: o advanced weaponry, rifles, cannons, large scale weapons like that that the Africans did not have o Transportation: railroads going in and out of Africa o Communications: military bases all over Africa helped to spread communications fast. 2. Lack of African unity. They were based on tribal societies with many diverse languages and customs. 3. Slave trade had weakened many African kingdoms, especially along what was called the slave coast.
Zulus:o Led by Shaka, a powerful Zulu chieftain. o Used advanced military tactics to actually defeat the British forces. o Remained independent until 1879. o European soldiers had firearms while the Zulus used spears and swords o Europeans did not recognize tribal groups such as the Zulu as modern nations. So despite being successful the Zulus were unable to maintain their independence and declare it as their own territory.
Menelik II: Ruler of Ethiopia, the only nation to successfully resist European control.o Built up a large arsenal of weapons that were supplied to them by the Russians as well as by the French, because the Russians and the French, they did not want the Italians arriving. o The Ethiopians who were successfully able to defeat the Italians at the Battle of Adwa. o Ethiopia was able to remain independent because they had modern weapons supplied by the French and the Russians. o At the Battle of Adwa, the Ethiopian army outnumbered the Italians by 7 to 1. And the European rulers, they also signed treaties that recognized Ethiopia as a modern nation.
Cultural effects of imperialism in Africa: culture was drastically changed in Africa.o Christianity spread across the continent, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where it remains the dominant religion in many countries. o Many Africans adapted European customs and learned European languages. Many parts in North Africa they still speak French to this very day. o European education systems were created, but in very limited areas.
Political effects of imperialism in Africa:o The Berlin Conference had created artificial boundaries that increased the conflict between different tribal groups. o Independent nations were not able to accommodate the ethnic, the religious, and cultural diversity of these different groups. o The Europeans held most positions of power and decision-making. So imperialism created a white minority rule where a small minority controlled the majority. o Africans received little experience in self-government, which would have huge effects after the period of imperialism.
Economic effects of imperialism in Africa:o There was an unequal trade and unequal economic development. So riches and resources were exported or sent to Europe. o Diamonds, or ivory, or rubber were sent to Europe. o Many of those goods were created on plantations or found in mines that were exclusively owned by Europeans. o To keep competition low in Africa, manufacturing was prohibited. The Europeans did not want to compete with native goods. So they kept manufacturing in Africa low so Africans would have to be dependent on these imperial powers for all of the finished goods. o The labor force was exploited. o Investments were not made in technology, education, or infrastructure, unless they related to exports.
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