the simultaneous processing of information at both conscious and unconscious levels is called

the simultaneous processing of information at both conscious and unconscious levels is called

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Failing to see visible objects when our attention is directed elsewhere is calledinattentional blindness
While a man provided directions to a construction worker, two experimenters rudely interrupted by passing between them carrying a door. The man's failure to notice that the construction worker was replaced by a different person during this interruption illustrateschange blindness.
A specialty area that focuses on the connections between brain activity and mental processes is known ascognitive neuroscience.
Focusing conscious awareness on a particular stimulus is calledselective attention.
A bank teller was so distracted by the sight of a bank robber's weapon that she failed to perceive important features of the criminal's physical appearance. This best illustratesselective attention
A periodic, natural, reversible loss of consciousness that involves distinct stages is known assleep.
With the approach of night, our body temperatures begin to drop. This best illustrates the dynamics of thecircadian rhythm.
The brain waves associated with REM sleep are most similar to those ofNREM-1 sleep.
REM sleep is called paradoxical sleep becauseour nervous system is highly active, while our voluntary muscles hardly move.
During REM sleep, your skeletal muscles are relaxed because messages from the motor cortex are blocked by thebrainstem
The absence of a hypothalamic neural center that produces orexin has been linked tonarcolepsy.
Which of the following is bad advice for a person trying to overcome insomnia?Drink a glass of wine 15 minutes before bedtime.
A recurring difficulty in falling or staying asleep is calledinsomnia.
Particularly among men, sleep apnea is linked withobesity
An air pump that keeps the sleeper's airway open and breathing regular is often prescribed for serious cases ofsleep apnea
The best time for athletes to engage in heavy exercise workouts islate afternoon or early evening.
Production of the human growth hormone necessary for muscle development is most strongly associated withslow-wave sleep.
When 909 working women reported on their daily moods, researchers noted that less time pressure at work mattered ________ and a good night's sleep mattered ________.a lot; a lot
Compared with when they were only 20 years old, 60-year-oldsspend less time in deep sleep.
Research on sleep patterns indicates thatsleep patterns may be genetically influenced.
Three hours after going to sleep, Shoshanna's heart rate increases, her breathing becomes more rapid, and her eyes move rapidly under her closed lids. Research suggests that Shoshanna isdreaming.
The occasional experience of sleep paralysis is most likely as you awaken fromREM sleep.
Neural activity that reenacts and promotes recall of prior novel experiences is most closely associated withslow-wave sleep.
Sleep deprivation ________ the production of body fat by ________ levels of the stress hormone cortisol.stimulates; increasing
Bats need a lot of sleep because their high waking metabolism produces ________ that are toxic to radicals
Sleep deprivation has been shown todiminish immunity to disease.
Traffic accident rates have been found to ________ after the spring change to daylight savings time and to ________ after the fall change back to standard time.increase; decrease
REM sleep isfacilitated by alcohol and inhibited by sleeping pills.
Compared with adults, children aremore likely to experience night terrors and more likely to experience sleepwalking.
Nightmares are to ________ as night terrors are to ________.REM sleep; NREM-3 sleep
The pop-out phenomenon illustrates that some stimuli almost inevitably triggerselective attention.
When their attention is focused on a task such as reading, people are less likely to ________ than when their mind is wandering.blink their eyes
A capacity to monitor simultaneously the color, shape, and motion of an object best illustratesparallel processing.
A visual perception track enables most people to recognize objects at nearly the same time that a visual action track enables them to avoid bumping into the objects. This best illustratesdual processing.
At 1:00 A.M., Luis gets out of bed and begins to sleepwalk. An EEG of his brain activity is most likely to indicate the presence ofdelta waves.
During a heated argument with his teenage daughter, Mr. Reid suddenly lapsed into a state of REM sleep. Mr. Reid apparently suffers fromnarcolepsy.
Which of the following is the best advice for a person concerned about occasional insomnia?Relax and drink a glass of milk before bedtime.
Our inability to consciously process all the sensory information available to us at any single point in time best illustrates the necessity ofselective attention
Which specialty area would be most interested in identifying the cortical activation patterns associated with a person's perception of different objects?cognitive neuroscience
Even if musically inclined, it is difficult to tap a steady three times with your left hand while tapping four times with your right hand because both tasks requireconscious attention.
Christy failed to notice that she received her ice cream in a sugar cone rather than a waffle cone as she had requested. She later indicated to another customer that she preferred sugar cones over waffle cones. Christy's behavior most clearly illustrateschoice blindness.
Most college students are "owls," with performance ________ across the day. Most older adults are "larks," with performance ________ as the day progresses.improving; declining
Jordanna has decided to go to bed early. Although her eyes are closed and she's very relaxed, she has not yet fallen asleep. An EEG is most likely to indicate the presence ofalpha waves.
The human sleep cycle repeats itself about every90 minutes.
People who regularly sleep less than normal experience a(n) ________ risk of depression and a(n) ________ risk of obesity.increased; increased
The circadian rhythm is influenced by light-sensitive retinal proteins that trigger signals to thesuprachiasmatic nucleus
The cocktail party effect provides an example ofselective attention.
Shown the hollow face illusion, people will mistakenly perceive the inside of a mask as a protruding face. Yet, they will accurately reach into the inverted mask to flick off a buglike target stuck on the face. This best illustrates the capacity fordual processing.
During the course of a full night's sleep, people are most likely to spend more time inREM sleep than in NREM-1 sleep.
Sensory experiences that occur without an external sensory stimulus are calledhallucinations.
Bed-wetting is most likely to occur at the end of ________ sleep.NREM-3
Which of the following animals tend to sleep the least?giraffes
Susan is a political cartoonist whose work requires her to think imaginatively and present ideas in visually novel ways. Her work is most likely to be facilitated byfull nights of sleep.
Exposure to bright light causes thepineal gland to decrease the production of melatonin
Genital arousal is most likely to be associated withREM sleep
Three hours after going to sleep, Shoshanna's heart rate increases, her breathing becomes more rapid, and her eyes move rapidly under her closed lids. Research suggests that Shoshanna isdreaming
At 3 o'clock in the morning, John has already slept for 4 hours. As long as his sleep continues, we can expect an increasing occurrence ofREM sleep
Forty-year-old Lance insists that he never dreams. Research suggests that he probablywould report a vivid dream if he were awakened during REM sleep
The simultaneous processing of information at both conscious and unconscious levels is calleddual processing
Compared with unconscious information processing, conscious information processing is relativelyslow and especially effective for solving new problems
In which of the following disorders does the person repeatedly stop breathing while asleep?sleep apnea
Bats need a lot of sleep because their high waking metabolism produces ________ that are toxic to neuronsfree radicals
The activation of light-sensitive retinal proteins in our eyes signals our brains to decrease production ofmelatonin
Consciousness is to unconsciousness as ________ is to ________sequential processing; parallel processing
Circadian rhythm refers toa pattern of biological functioning that occurs on a roughly 24-hour cycle
Hypnagogic sensations are most closely associated with ________ sleep.NREM-1
Night terrors typically occurduring NREM-3 sleep.
Narcolepsy is a disorder in which a personexperiences uncontrollable attacks of overwhelming sleepiness.
Mr. Oates always sleeps restlessly, snorting and gasping throughout the night. It is most likely that Mr. Oates suffers fromsleep apnea
If asked to watch a video and press a key each time a black-shirted player passed a basketball, most research participants remained unaware of an umbrella-toting woman strolling across the video screen. This illustratedlatent content
After flying from California to New York, Arthur experienced a restless, sleepless night. His problem was most likely caused by a disruption of his normalcircadian rhythm.
The rhythmic bursts of brain activity that occur during NREM-2 sleep are calledsleep spindles
After sleeping for about an hour and a half, Jos enters a phase of paradoxical sleep. He is likely tohave very relaxed muscles
Although we may be unaware of our gender prejudices, they often influence the way we consciously perceive males and females. This best illustratesdual processing.
A condition in which a person can respond to a visual stimulus without consciously experiencing it is known asblindsight.
When working an occasional night shift, people often feel groggiest in the middle of the night but experience new energy around the time they normally would wake up. This best illustrates the impact ofthe circadian rhythm
Drivers are slower to detect traffic signals if they are talking on a cell phone. This best illustrates the impact ofselective attention
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