connective tissue quizlet

connective tissue quizlet

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The three basic types of fibers that found in connective arecollagen, reticular, and elastic
The dominant fiber type in dense connective tissue iscollagen
The framework of organs such as the spleen and liver is made up of _________ tissuereticular tissue
What type of connective tissue is found only in the umbilical cord?mucous connective tissue
The type of tissue that consists of living cells embedded in a non-living extracellular matrix isConnective
Connective tissuethe most extensively distributed body tissue consists of cells and the extracellular matrix those cells secrete
Examples of connective tissueCartilage Adipose Bone Blood areolar, and reticular tissue tendons
The matrix of a connective tissue consists of _____.Ground substance and fibers
extracellular matrix, which surrounds connective tissue cells, consists of a variety of different protein fibers and a ground substance. The type of fibers and components of the ground substance varies depending on the tissue type. Generally, the ground substance consists ofpolysaccharides and proteins, which are secreted by the connective tissue cells. The ground substance can range from liquid (blood and lymph) to semi-solid (cartilage) to solid (bone).
The three types of protein fibers found in connective tissue arecollagen fibers, elastic fibers, and reticular fibers
Which of the following are NOT functions of connective tissue?Performs absorption and secretion
Adipose tissue functions tostore triglycerides, protect internal organs, and insulate against heat loss
Tendons, which are formed bydense regular connective tissue, attach muscles to bone.
elastic cartilage in the ear has what functionmaintains shape while affording flexibility
Dense irregular connective tissue forms afibrous capsule found around organs and in the joints
blood functions totransport gases, wastes, and nutrients as well as to provide immunity
Mesenchymal cells are most commonly found in what type of connective tissue.embryonic
What is the embryonic connective tissue that differentiates into all types of connective tissue?Mesenchyme
Mesenchymeundifferentiated embryonic tissue that can give rise to all types of connective tissues
fibroblastimmature cell found in loose and dense connective tissues that can still divide and secrete matrix
endodermone of the three primary embryonic germ layers. Tissue of the endoderm will eventually form the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary bladder, and the urethra
chondrocytemature cell found in cartilage. Wharton's jelly is an embryonic connective tissue found primarily in the umbilical cord
When dose Mesenchyme begin to differentiate into mature connective tissues?3 weeks after embryonic development
extracellular matrixsurrounds mature connective tissue cells
the extracellular matrix consists of a variety of different protein fibers and a ground substance. The three types of protein fibers found in connective tissue arecollagen fibers, elastic fibers, and reticular fibers.
The umbilical cord of a fetus contains a mucous connective tissue calledWharton's jelly.
Wharton's jelly is a type of connective tissue that can differentiate into any type of connective tissue. This kind of embryonic tissue isMesenchymal
Areolar Tissue (Loose Connective Tissue)
Adipose Tissue (Loose Connective Tissue)
Reticular Tissue (Loose Connective Tissue)
What are the Tree types of Loose Connective TissuesAreolar Adipose Reticular
Regular (Dense Connective Tissue)
Irregular (Dense Connective Tissue)
Elastic (Dense Connective Tissue)
What are the Three types of Dense Connective TissueRegular Irregular Elastic
What is the correct statement which best describes adipose tissue?It stores lipids.
All of the following are cell types of connective tissue properadipocytes fibroblasts macrophages
Which type of connective tissue stabilizes the positions of the vertebrae, cushions shocks, and permits expansion and contraction of organs?elastic tissue
What type of connective tissue is found between skeletal muscles and skeleton?dense regular connective tissue
Which of the following types of connective tissue stores triglycerides, prevents heat loss, and provides cushioning and support for internal organs?Adipose tissue
what type of connective tissue functions to store triglycerides, protect internal organs, and insulate against heat loss.Adipose tissue
Which of the following types of tissue forms the fascia, ligaments, and tendons?Dense regular connective tissue
What kind of connective tissue consists of many thick (dense) collagen fibers arranged in primarily parallel bundles, forms tendons and ligaments, surrounds skeletal muscles, and forms the fasciaeDense regular connective tissue
What is the most abundant fiber present in dense irregular connective tissue?Collagen
What type of connective tissue consists of fibroblasts scattered throughout collagen fibers that have a random or irregular arrangement. This tissue type is typically found in the dermis of the skin, as well as in the fibrous capsule that surrounds organs and joints.Dense irregular connective tissue
The medical procedure called ____________ involves the removal of unwanted ____________, typically from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and breasts.Liposuction; adipose tissue
Liposuctionmedical procedure in which a surgeon removes excess fat (adipose tissue)
Elastic tissue, which permits expansion and contraction of organs, is foundbetween the spinal vertebra and in ligaments supporting the penis, the walls of elastic arteries, and transitional epithelia.
Elastic tissue is a type of ____ connective tissue.dense
Elastic tissue has elastic fibers rather than __________ in the __________, which allow for stretching of various organscollagen fibers ; extracellular matrix
Both blood and lymph are examples ofconnective tissues.
A lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell that assists with theadaptive immune response.
Lymphocytes include __cells and __ Cells which are integral to cellular and antibody-mediated immunity.B cells ; T cells
What are two types of adaptive immunitys?cellular antibody-mediated
Lymphocytes are found in theblood and lymphoid organs (spleen, lymph nodes)
The protein fibers of both blood and lymph are dissolved in thematrix
Plasminimportant enzyme present in blood that degrades many blood plasma proteins, most notably, fibrin clots.
Fibrinfibrous, non-globular protein involved in the clotting of blood.
Canaliculi branch from the central canal into the _____, carry nutrients to the _____ located in the margins of the concentric lamellae.concentric lamellae; osteocyte
The functions of bone includesupport, protection, serving as the site of muscle attachment (thereby enabling movement), and housing the cells that form blood.
The solid matrix found in bone consists ofcalcium salts crystallized on collagen fibers.
Compact bone is composed of long cylindrical columns calledosteons
The Haversian system (osteon) consists of a central canal surrounded by concentric rings calledlamellae
Lacunae are spaces located within the ____ where osteocytes reside.lamella
Osteocytes receive nutrients via diffusion through the ____ from the central canal.canaliculi
Trabeculaeirregular bony plates that are found in spongy bone.
The most common type of cartilage found in the body occurs at the end of most long bones in the joints, in the larynx, in the rings of the trachea (windpipe), and in the septum of the nose. Name this type of cartilage.Hyaline cartilage
What is the most common type of cartilage?Hyaline cartilage
What does the embryonic skeleton consists of that has a gelatinous matrix and provides flexible support, and latter ossifies to form boneHyaline cartilage
Which type of cartilage forms intervertebral discs, the pubic symphysis, and the meniscus in the knee?Fibrocartilage
What type of cartilage is very strong rigid kind of tissue, is located where bone movement is limited and is used to provide support to joints that have great compressive forces working on it.Fibrocartilage
Name the protective membrane that surrounds cartilage and contains cells that secrete the fibers and ground substance of the cartilage matrix.Perichondrium
Chondroblastssecrete matrix and are located within the cells of the perichondrium membrane
periosteumprotective membrane that surrounds bone tissues and contains osteoblasts
synoviummembrane found in a synovial joint
endosteummembrane that lines the medullary cavity of bones and contains osteoclasts
pericardiummembrane that surrounds the heart
Types of connective tissue
Which statement best describes connective tissue?usually contains a large amount of matrix
Connective tissue matrix is composed of __________.ground substance and protein fibers
Which fiber type provides connective tissue strength?collagen
hyaline cartilage
mast call
dense irregular
reticular fibers
initiates an inflammatory response
blood vessel
red bone marrow
Which zone of the epiphyseal plate is highlighted? CalcificationCalcification
cartilaginous epiphysis
dense regular connective tissue
elastic cartilage
The highlighted fibers are produced by what cell type? fibroblast
The highlighted organelle is found in which cell type? fibroblast
Which zone of the epiphyseal plate is highlighted? hypertrophic
Which component of the connective tissue in this field of view is highlighted? extracellular matrix
Which of the following is a function of the highlighted cell? phagocytosis
What is a function of the highlighted cells? secrete bone matrix
Perisoteal bone collar
trabeculae of spongy bone
osteocytes in lacunae
connective tissue

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