which powers are given directly to the people?

which powers are given directly to the people?

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An important part of Article VI in the Constitution is theSupremacy Clause.
The Judiciary Act of 1789 gave powers to the judicial branch that went beyond what the Constitution outlined. Because of this, the acwas ruled unconstitutional.
A responsibility of the vice president isto become president if necessary.
An inference that can be drawn from the Supremacy Clause is thatfederal laws are superior to state laws.
How did Anti-Federalists feel about a strong central government?They opposed it.
Which would most likely fall under appellate jurisdiction?a case appealed from a lower court
Which statement best describes the body paragraphs of an argumentative essay?The body paragraphs flesh out the argument and include counterclaims and evidence from research.
The first step in approving the Constitution involved sending it tothe states.
The Constitution limits the executive branch from declaring war by giving that power tothe legislative branch.
Protection of habeas corpus means thatcitizens cannot be held without legal action
What was the Federalists' position on creating a bill of rights?They thought it was unnecessary because the Constitution would already limit government powers.
Why did Federalists argue for a separation of powers?No single branch of government would have too much power.
The power to declare war belongs tonational government.
What would a bill of rights accomplish?It would limit government powers.
Writing a state constitution is an example ofa reserved power.
The Necessary and Proper Clause in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress powers.implied
The Constitution regulates government powers byproviding guides and limits to the government's power.
During criminal cases, which are guaranteed by the Constitution?trials and juries
Read this outline for an argumentative essay about government. 1. People have different ideas about the role of government. A. The primary purpose of government is to provide social services. 2. Government should provide services for people who are poor or elderly. A. Government can effectively provide the services that poor and elderly people need. B. Food stamps keep people from going hungry. C. Medicare and Medicaid provide health care. D. Some people believe social services are an entitlement and not a right, but many people could not survive without them. 3. Government's main role is provide to social services, such as food stamps. The underlined sentence in the outline is theclaim
According to Anti-Federalists, the Constitutioncould give the president too much influence.
What is the last step to creating an argumentative essay?revising
An unanswered Constitutional question about the judicial branch ishow to create lower federal courts.
Declaring war and coining money are consideredexpressed powers.
What does Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution explain?the process for creating a law
Appellate jurisdiction refers tothe Supreme Court's authority to hear a case from a lower court.
Powers shared by the federal government and state governments are known asconcurrent powers
Which best describes how the executive branch affects the power of the military?The executive branch checks the power of the military
Which is a true statement about the Full Faith and Credit Clause?The Full Faith and Credit Clause deals with legal proceedings between states.
Article II of the Constitution defines the roles ofthe president and the vice president.
Which powers are given directly to the people?reserved
Why did William Marbury support the Judiciary Act of 1789?It allowed Marbury to take his case to the Supreme Court.
Which is an example of federal supremacy?A state is not allowed to tax federal money because federal law is superior.
Which is the best example of how the Constitution made the federal government stronger in dealing with other countries?The federal government has the power to maintain a military
The idea of means that government is created by the people and for the people.popular sovirgnity
Why were the Articles of Confederation replaced with the Constitution?The Articles of Confederation did not give strong power to the federal government.
which powers

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