the president can quickly respond to economic, social, or political needs by

the president can quickly respond to economic, social, or political needs by

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A group of people united to promote a cause is called acaucus
What power does the House hold in regard to impeachment?It brings charges against an official to remove him or her from office.
Who in the House has the power to lead the caucus and control the agenda?the Speaker of the House
How long is a representative's term of office?two years
Which describes a difference between the duties of House members and the duties of Senate members?Senate members represent state interests while House members represent district interests.
Whose power in the Senate is equal to the power of the Speaker of the House?majority leader
Which statement correctly describes the Senate?It's the upper chamber of Congress and has one hundred members.
Which role of a senator takes place only at the Capitol?serving on a committee
The president's role as chief executive is tosign bills.
In addition to support staff, the office of the president includeseconomic advisers.
An enumerated power the president has isnominating and appointing officials.
The office of the president is led bythe chief of staff.
A challenge that modern presidents face isleading their political party.
The president can quickly respond to economic, social, or political needs bysigning executive orders.
Which executive agency would most likely investigate cases of espionage?the Central Intelligence Agency
What is the function of cabinet members in the federal bureaucracy?They oversee large executive departments and report to the president.
Which explains how regulatory agencies compare with cabinet agencies such as the Departments of Commerce and the Treasury?Regulatory agencies set rules for businesses and enforce them, while cabinet agencies promote business and economic growth.
How are state and federal appellate courts similar?Both hear cases from lower courts.
Which type of jurisdiction do federal trial courts have?original
The role of the Senate in regard to treaties is toapprove international treaties.
the president

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