the default view in word is ____.

the default view in word is ____.

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The default view in word isprint layout view
to enter a blank line into a document press the ____ key with out typing any text on the lineEnter
Do you have to press the enter key when the insertion point reaches the right margin?No
When word flags a possible spelling or grammar error it also changes the spelling and grammar check icon to a ____red X
To move to the beginning of a line with the keyboard press which keyhome
To move to the Inn of a document press what keyCTRL + END
to move to the right one Word press the____ keyCTRL+ RIGHT ARROW
to move up one paragraph Chris what keyCTRL + up arrow
To move to the bottom or top of a document window press the_______Alt CTRL page down (or page up)
When you use the keyboard to scroll to a different position in the document the ______automatically moves when you press the desired keyInsertion point
Word provide you with a variety of document _____to assist you with coordinating these visual elements in the documentThemes
_____ formatting is the process of changing the way letters numbers punctuation marks and symbols appear on the screen and in printCharacters
the_____ or typeface defines the appearance in shape of letters numbers and special charactersFont
on most computers the default font size in word14
the file type in word is.docx
To select nonadjacent Adams select the first item as usual press and hold down the ___key and then while holding down the key select the additional itemsCTRL
how many color schemes does word have20+
you can select the document by using what keysctrl plus a
you can select characters by using the blank keysshift right arrow
you can select a paragraph by using what keysctrl shift down arrow
You can select multiple paragraphs by using what keys repeatedlyCTRL shift down arrow
what are the small squares and circles around I selected picture calledSizing handles
to see the height and the width of a graphic look in what group on the picture tools format tabsize
what are the types of changes that occur when text has been omitted from a document and must be inserted lighterAdditions deletions modifications
words or phrases that describe a documentkeywords
another word for document propertiesMetadata
to close the back stage view click...file of preview of the document to return to the document window
inWord you can create electronic images through the _____tab in the backstage meet youPDF AND XPS
Word inserts text to the right of the insertion pointTrue
If word finds a potential error in a document a red green or blue wavy underline flags the problemTrue
I raised dot shows where the enter key was pressedfalse
when typing the insertion point moved to the left and when the end of a line is reached it moves downward to the next lineFalse
each time the enter key is pressed word create a. New paragraphtrue
Word wrap forces you to stop typing words and press the enter key at the end of each lineFalse
as you enter text in the word document window you must press the enter key when the insertion point reaches the right marginfalse
A document may word wrap differently depending on the type of printer being usedTrue
A flaggged word is a word that is misspelledFalse
Paragraph formatting requires the paragraph to be selected prior to formattingfalse
To upload a picture taken with a digital camera is to copy the digital picture from the camera to your computerFalse
How many different types of document properties exist5
About 1-72 of 1 inch in heightpoint
The default font in wordCalibri
type of formatting used to emphasize certain words and improve readability of a documentCharacter
uses points as the units of measurementsFont size
identifies 12 complementary colors for text background excellence and linksColor scheme
The first line of text on a flyerheadline
The default style in wordnormal
A set of unified formats for fonts colors and graphicsTheme
Defines the appearance and shape of the letters numbers and special charactersfont
A named group of formatting characteristicsstyle
the default

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